Double Slider


  • Self-Closing Locks
    Automatically locks the window when it is closed from the opening position.

  • Full Pull Rail
    A pull rail the height of the sash, which allows for easy operation.

  • Stainless Steel Pivot Shoe
    This allows one of the glass frames to tilt in, which allows for easy cleaning and requires less maintenance. This also provides you with more options on how to position the sash of your window.

  • Fusion-Welded Frames and Sashes
    Sashes are welded simultaneously using the latest technology, which heats the vinyl and then under pressure fits the vinyl members together forming a strong weld. This improves the longevity of your Vinyl frame. Dual interlocking rails between frame and bottom sash.

  • Triple Weather Seal
    Eliminates air infiltration providing a true airtight seal. This puts a stop to cold air leaking through your windows during the wintertime and will ensure cold air is kept inside during the summertime, reducing energy costs.

  • Full Screen With Overlapping Frame and No Visible Screen Clips
    A full screen allows for increased ventilation into the home, allowing fresh air in while keeping the insects out.

  • Night latch which enables the window to be opened 4” in a locked position

  • Drainage flaps allows for water drainage

Did you know?

Double slider windows are divided into two sections. They have two operating panels that can tilt in or lift out for different ventilation options.

Frame Options

Available in vinyl only

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