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New and Improved: The 2023 Canadian Greener Homes Grant Explained

Have you heard? The Canadian Greener Homes Grant will merge with the Enbridge Gas Rebate program for Ontario residents, effective January 2023.

The Greener Homes Grant has already helped countless Canadians improve their home’s eco-friendliness.

The Enbridge program previously offered up to $5000 in home efficiency rebates for projects such as redoing your insulation, replacing your windows or getting a new water heater. You could have even qualified for a free smart thermostat or draft proofing.

If you were considering renovating your home in 2023 and were counting on these programs to help with costs, find out what this merger means for you.

Let’s take a closer look.

Enbridge – Home Efficiency Rebate Plus

The new combined program will now be called the Home Efficiency Rebate Plus (or HER+ for short). The good news is, you may qualify for higher rebates!

Applicants will fall into one of 3 categories.

  • If you don’t use natural gas to heat your home, the amount you’ll receive through Greener Homes Grant will remain unchanged at $5600 if you qualify.
  • If you use natural gas to heat your home, you’ll receive a maximum of $10,000 with new incentives and those already on the rebate list if you qualify.
  • If you’re a landlord that uses natural gas to heat your property, you’ll receive a maximum of $10,000 with new incentives and those already on the rebate list if you qualify.

If you’re a homeowner in Ontario, starting in January 2023, you’ll have to apply to the program through Enbridge. Existing applicants will continue to access their information and forms through the usual portal.

How To Get Started

The rebate amounts can be significant, depending on the work you want to do for your home. The first step is to complete a home energy assessment through Enbridge. This will identify the areas where your home needs work in terms of energy efficiency. You can receive up to $600 back through HER+ to cover the costs of this assessment.

Taking Advantage of HER+ For New Windows and Doors

For a project that combines aesthetics with practicality, think windows and doors! For many homeowners, their older windows and doors can be a major source of heat and energy loss.

Simply replacing your windows and doors with new, energy-efficient models can help you save money, an attractive prospect with the costs of living going up. If your windows and doors are identified as needing work through your energy assessment, you could qualify for a HER+ rebate for replacing them. You can receive up to $325 for each new window or door to offset the costs of purchasing and installation.

These rebates can help stretch your renovation budget further, allowing you to choose from a wider selection of windows and doors. Replacing your windows and doors involves limited downtime, improves the livability of your home, brings down your costs and makes a big visual impact to both the inside and the outside of your home.

Ready to get started? Speak to us at Torwin—we’ll show you an unparalleled selection of top-notch windows and doors to match your home and budget. With the new Enbridge home efficiency rebate in Ontario, there’s never been a better time to upgrade your home.