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Five Reasons to Enhance Your Home with New Patio Doors

The sun is shining, and summer is in the air! But if the doors leading to your yard and patio are lackluster, you’re missing out! The right patio doors provide tons of natural light, an expansive view, and lots of fresh air since you’ll love to leave them open.

You can’t enjoy the season to its fullest without the right patio doors! We’ve got five great reasons to show how outdoor enjoyment starts with patio doors.


Whether you have a lot of space or want to optimize what you have, the perfect patio door awaits! For those with smaller homes or who prefer a compact option with a minimal footprint, sliding doors are a great choice. In particular, the Performance Series Victorian vinyl patio doors are made from the most advanced materials. This high-grade resin creates strength and is nearly maintenance-free. (source)

But these doors offer more than ease of use. They also provide unmatched beauty and performance. In fact, the high-grade vinyl ensures they will not rust, rot, pit, or blister – even over the long term. This makes them ideal for new construction and residential replacement.

And if you love having your patio doors open but hate the flies and pests that come into your home, you can opt for a high-quality screen to keep the bugs out where they belong.

What’s more, these sliding doors are available with the highest quality accessories and upgrades, including security, colour, and finishing options.


Today, modern garden doors come in a variety of styles (source), including:

  • Centre swing single operator, where only one door opens with the hinges in the middle.
  • Side swing single operator, where only one door opens with the hinges to one side.
  • Double operator, where both sides can be opened.

Few patio door styles provide the type of functionality double operator garden doors can offer. While most sliding doors only offer a few feet of clearance when open, double-operator garden doors can be nearly six feet wide when the patio doors open. They also have a real showstopper quality, the kind that will impress your family and friends.

Garden doors are also fantastic for security. Thanks to more robust locks, and the option of a multipoint locking system, your family will feel safe and secure.

Are garden doors not suitable for your home? Other patio door models also offer enhanced security features to keep your home safe and have you resting easy. Our sliding patio doors also come with multipoint locks, which activate at several points along the fixture. Coupled with the standard kick lock, you’ll enjoy an extra level of security.

And for parents with small children, you can keep your curious tots from accessing the yard with an extra lock at the top of the door, out of reach of the little ones. This way, you won’t have to worry about them running out without your knowledge.

Older patio doors are less secure and functional when compared to the newer models currently on the market. Maximize your enjoyment of the short summer months with new patio doors!


Experience your outdoor living space like never before!

With more light, fresh air, and the simple freedom to walk in and out as you please, nothing beats the Folding Glass Wall System for a showstopping home upgrade. Blurring the line between wall and door, these fixtures are built to stand up to both the environment and high-use environments!

When closed, these patio doors resemble a series of large picture windows along your wall. They open up accordion style, with the glass panels folding over to give you a seamless indoor/outdoor experience! You’ll feel like you’re on vacation whenever you walk through these doors.

To stand the test of time, these incredible doors are built with patented corner key technology designed and imported from Italy. Add high-performance glazing on the glass to create outstanding energy efficiency, and you have one amazing patio door system!

Speak to us to learn more about our folding glass patio doors and whether they’ll work for your home.


Even if your current patio doors look like they’re in decent condition, chances are, they’re not as energy efficient as they could be – and you’re paying for it, in the form of increased heating and cooling bills! Modern patio doors made by Novatech are known for the quality of their construction and the range of materials that can be used (source). With clean and simple lines, a large glass surface, and well-paired hardware, a modern-style patio door will blend perfectly with any home.

What’s more, many modern patio doors are equipped with innovative thermal breaks and weather stripping to meet Energy Star requirements and ensure your family’s comfort all year round. Energy efficient and functional, you won’t need to worry about heat loss during winter. If they’re closed properly, you can enjoy sitting near them without feeling a chill.


Ah, can you hear it? They’re the sounds of summer! The ice cream truck, laughing children, birdsong, and chirping crickets. Perfect for a late afternoon with family or a meal outdoors with your nearest and dearest. It’s not as ideal if you’re trying to work or sleep. After all, there’s a time and a place for noise!

New patio doors can help with noise control. If loud outdoor sounds are a pain point, let us know! We can suggest glass packages and door frames designed to help minimize disruptive noises so you can enjoy peace and quiet when needed. Older doors generally have thinner, outdated glass, and often have issues closing properly. They simply won’t perform as well when it comes to noise reduction.

With so many options, there’s a patio door to meet your budget and your home’s style. Whether you want to optimize your enjoyment of your home during the summer or completely reimagine your outdoor space, we can help! Book your free consultation with the Torwin Team today!

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