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4 Reasons Enjoyment Starts with Patio Doors

The sun is shining, and summer is in the air! But if the door leading to your outdoor lacks lustre, you’re likely missing out! The right patio doors provide tons of natural light, an expansive view, and lots of fresh air.

Without the right patio doors, you can’t enjoy the season to its fullest! We’ve got four reasons that prove outdoor enjoyment starts with patio doors.

Sliding Patio Doors Fit Any Home

Performance Series Victorian vinyl patio doors are made from the most advanced vinyl (source). This high-grade resin creates strength and is nearly maintenance-free.

But these doors offer more than simply ease-of-use. They also offer unmatched beauty and performance. In fact, the high-grade vinyl ensures they will not rust, rot, pit, or blister – even over the long term. This makes them ideal for new construction and residential replacement.

What’s more, these sliding doors are available with the highest quality accessories and upgrades, including security, colour, and finishing options.

High-Quality Garden Doors Add Functionality & Security

Today, modern garden doors come in a variety of styles (source), including:

  • Centre swing single operator, where only one door opens with the hinges in the middle.
  • Side swing single operator, where only one door opens with the hinges to one side.
  • Double operator, where both sides can be opened.

Few patio door styles provide the functionality of double operator garden doors. While most sliding doors only offer a few feet of clearance when open, double operator garden doors can be nearly six feet wide when the patio doors open.

Garden doors are also fantastic for security. Thanks to more robust locks, and the option of a multipoint locking system, your family will feel safe and secure.

Blur the Line Between your Doors and the Outside with a Muskoka Folding Glass Wall System

Experience your outdoor living space like never before!

With more light, fresh air, and the simple freedom to walk in and out as you please, nothing beats the Muskoka Folding Glass Wall System. These doors are built to stand up to both the environment and high-use environments!

To stand the test of time these incredible doors are built with patented corner key technology designed and imported from Italy. Add high-performance glazing on the glass to create outstanding energy efficiency and you’ve got one amazing patio door system!

Energy Star Performance with Modern Patio Doors

Modern patio doors made by Novatech are known for the quality of their construction and the range of materials that can be used (source). With clean and simple lines, a large glass surface, and well-paired hardware, a modern-style patio door is sure to blend perfectly with any home.

What’s more, many modern patio doors are equipped with innovative thermal breaks and weather stripping to meet Energy Star requirements and ensure your family’s comfort.

With so many options to choose from, there’s a patio door to meet your budget and your home’s style. If you want to start enjoying your summer outdoor space more, book your free consultation with the Torwin Team today!