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5 Curb Appeal Ideas to Improve Your Home's Value

There are dozens of small but powerful ways you can boost your home’s curb appeal – and most of them won’t cost you an arm and a leg! Adding curb appeal to your home helps make it easier to sell, but it’s a great idea even if you’re not planning on moving. In fact, with just a little effort, you can give your home that finished look that you can take pride in! Let’s take a peek at 5 easy ideas to improve your home’s value!

First impressions matter!

Make Your Entry Door a Focal Point

To begin, try adding some pop by making your entry door a different colour than the rest of your house. For example, if your windows are white, you’ve got an opportunity to make a bold statement with a black, royal blue, charcoal grey, or even a red front door.

This is, of course, somewhat dependent on the exterior colour of your brick, siding, or stucco.

Far too many homeowners “hide” the entry door by blending it in with the rest of the house. But a front door can complement a home without being lost in it.

Create an Inviting Front Porch Area

Here’s another great idea! Try adding a few pieces to your front porch to create a space that you can actually use, especially now that we have been more confined to our homes. A good place to start is adding a few Muskoka chairs or a bistro set. Try a porch swing if you’ve got the space.

If your patio furniture is in front of a window, replacing your front window maximizes the amount of glass that shines in offering more natural light for your home. This can create a warm and inviting feel in the front of your home.

Add Accents to Your Front Door and House

One simple way to boost your curb appeal is to update your house numbers, mailbox, and exterior lighting fixtures. You might also try a new doorbell or knocker and a fresh mat.

It may be surprising, but small changes like these, or even updating the hardware on your door, are eye-catching and can accentuate the overall style of the door and your entryway.

Update Your Garage to Match Your Home’s Exterior

Garage doors are huge! Make sure they look their best and don’t distract from the rest of your home’s exterior. Ideally, your garage doors should match or complement your home, not draw attention away from it.

Upgrade Your Home’s Windows

New windows create massive curb appeal!

This is your opportunity to do it the way you want it, and not what was “chosen” for you by the builder. That means you have the chance to get clean lines and clear views, get rid of the grills in between the glass, or even enhance them with better options. You might even try changing the colour of your windows – something so simple can literally change the exterior of your home.

No matter what your preferred style, new windows freshen things up while also providing increased energy efficiency.

Whether you’re looking to impress potential buyers, or just enjoy your home more, adding curb appeal is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to do it! With just a few, simple changes, your home will look like new!

Does your next curb appeal boosting home improvement project involve changing up your front door or a few windows? If so, give the Torwin Team a call today, and start your free, no-obligation consultation right away!