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The Curb Appeal of Custom Doors and Windows: Improve The Aesthetics of your Home

Don’t discount the impact of curb appeal when it comes to buying, selling, or even just enjoying your home. Although we’ve been taught not to judge by appearances, it’s instinct to assign a higher value to something that looks more attractive and inviting. There are many reasons to work on improving the aesthetics of your home, and custom doors and windows are a great place to start.

A Simple Upgrade

Exterior doors and windows are an ideal project for improving curb appeal since it’s relatively quick. Even fully replacing all the windows in your home, plus the front door can take as little as a few days – much shorter than the downtime you’d expect with other major house upgrades.

Replacing their windows with new custom choices made a huge visual change for one client. This home had older windows, styled with white frames and a more traditional grill pattern. After adding new windows, the home’s exterior looks completely transformed, even with no other changes made. The black window frames with vertical grills elevate the appearance of the house. Where the original windows wash out the bricks surrounding them, the new ones bring out their richer hue.

An Extensive Redo

While we often talk about how replacing your windows and doors is a relatively quick project, it can also be a piece of a much more extensive one. In a recent project, the homeowner decided to make some significant changes – not just to the facade of their home but to the interior as well. As a result, they hired multiple teams to work on this reno – to redesign and transform their existing space and make modern updates to the exterior.

Torwin was honoured to be part of their trusted team in making their dream home a reality. We had to work closely with a custom home builder to achieve what the client had in mind – knocking out walls to create windows where there were none, making existing windows larger and walling up spaces to remove windows altogether.

The result is a strikingly modern home that appears fully custom constructed, in contrast with the much more dated ones on the same street. In addition, the homeowner opted for on-trend black custom doors and windows, which adds to the effect.

Use Your Imagination

If you’re not sure how custom doors and windows can impact your home’s curb appeal, let us show you how. We have an extensive portfolio of previous projects to help spark your imagination. You’d be surprised at how different your house can look with doors and windows in an unexpected colour, a geometric design, or a different grill pattern. With custom doors and windows, you can incorporate all three, and additional features as you see fit.

Connect with us at Torwin for a free consultation, and we can start making your home the envy of the block!