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Before and After: Converting a Bay Window to a Flat Window

Are you interested in making a big change to your current windows? You’re not limited to frame styles and colours. At Torwin, we can help you create the visual impact you’re looking for, even if it means physically reshaping your home!

For a recent project, we helped a client transition from bay and bow windows to flat ones. It was a bold, modern move for homeowners who wanted to make a statement! While bay windows have always been a classic choice, there’s no denying that current trends are sleek, angular, and minimalist. However, converting their original, rounded window styles to ones that are sharp, flat, and striking gave the home’s exterior an immediate boost, setting it apart from other, similar houses on the block.

Here’s what we did.


The client had two windows they wanted to change up. The first had a rounded bow design. It was a front-facing window, and they jumped at the opportunity to make a huge change: choosing glass panels that would span close to the entire height of the wall. The intended effect would be like a glass wall.

The original bow windows were smaller, so we had to knock out part of the wall to accommodate the size of the new windows. We carefully preserved the leftover brick to repurpose for their second window project (more on that below)!

As a quick aside, this type of project may have posed a challenge to other window companies. Perhaps they’d need to tap outside contractors to do the masonry work. They may even ask the clients to hire their own service person. Managing and communicating with multiple companies for one job could have been a logistical headache.

At Torwin, we made it turnkey! With a team of in-house, experienced tradespeople for out-of-the-box work, our clients enjoyed a smooth and efficient installation process.

Taking the correct measurements was vitally important, and we had to select specialty tempered panes to ensure the result would be up to code and be structurally sound—after all, the wall would be almost entirely made of glass! Finally, to achieve our client’s vision, custom capping, and carpentry work was done for an amazing end product: a flat, black-framed, almost floor-to-ceiling window that beautifully illuminates their home.


The clients had a second window they wanted to replace: a large, cream-coloured bay window. Part of the challenge involved the window’s sculpted metal skirt—an interesting design element built right into the home’s brick wall. Once entirely removed, the remaining footprint would be significantly larger than the window they selected as a replacement. A bit tricky, no doubt, but our team was up for it.

Firstly, we took detailed measurements to ensure the new flat window would fit perfectly where the original angled window sat. Next, we removed the older window and framed the new opening, adding the appropriate insulation behind the drywall. Then, after taping and mudding the interior side, we tackled the brickwork.

We used the excess brick from the earlier job to fill in the gap in the exterior wall. The brick was still in excellent condition and a perfect match for a seamless fix. The result was a second flat, black-framed window that gave this home a cohesive visual update!

Have big ideas for your window upgrade? Dreaming of converting your bay window to a flat window? You might be surprised at what’s possible! Reach out to us at Torwin today to get started.

Converting Bay to Flat Window

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