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Before and After: A Door-To-Window Conversion Project

Believe it or not, you can take on a dramatic home improvement project with your windows and doors. If you’ve ever wanted to replace a door with a window or convert a window to a door, it’s absolutely possible with a reputable installation company like Torwin.

Far from being static or fixed, we can help you enlarge or reduce the size of your windows and doors, move them or even transform one to the other.

Here’s how we did it for a recent client.

The Challenge

These homeowners were looking for a significant overhaul of their doors and windows.

    1. The house had double front doors, which, while beautiful, didn’t have the modern touch they were looking for. The owners wanted to enlarge the opening to accommodate an oversized door with sidelites instead.
    2. To increase the amount of natural light in their home (and for better visual impact from the outside), they wanted to add large picture windows on either side of the doors. This would require removing a portion of the wall on both sides.
    3. Their mudroom had two entry points, doors that faced each other on opposite walls. For better functionality, they asked about the possibility of an exterior door-to-window conversion.

The Process

If you’re keeping track, this project required three wall knockouts and the building of a separate wall.

Knockouts are labour-intensive and need careful planning to ensure the remaining structure is strong enough to support the new fixtures. It’s also essential to ensure that removing sections won’t impact any electrical wiring or plumbing work.

At Torwin, we employ a team of experienced installers who aren’t intimidated by big jobs! By having tradespeople with masonry expertise on the team, we could carefully take out the existing brick in a way that looked intentional.

We installed their choice of door: a woodgrain modern fiberglass door between two sidelites with black framing and hardware. Along with the oversized windows we put in on either side of the door, the entire front facade of their home has that extra impact.

In the backroom, the goal was to convert one door into a window. After removing the door and the frame, we had to rebuild the wall from the ground up (including the framing, insulation and drywall), leaving space for the redesigned window opening.

Creating a wall where the door has increased the utility of their mudroom. They can now install hooks and a bench, with a window for natural light to illuminate this traditionally dim space.

The Result

This project transformed the home on both the inside and the outside. The new windows and modern door have dramatically increased the house’s curb appeal, especially with stylish black accenting.

And the backroom has come a long way too! By converting a door to a window, this transitional space is now welcoming and functional, with lots of natural light and space to store supplies and belongings.

Interested in a similar transformation for your home? Whether you want to enlarge your door, create a new window, or change a door into a window, we can help make it happen. Reach out to Torwin today for a free consultation to get started!

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