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Why You Should Replace Your Weathered Exterior Doors

If you’re wondering whether it might be time to replace your front door, it probably is.

The thought wouldn’t have crossed your mind if your current door wasn’t looking a bit dated, maybe worn. Perhaps there have even been signs that you need a new front door. You’ve noticed cracks and damage or a draft in the hallways on colder days.

Instead of simply repainting the slab and patching any issues, consider opting for a more permanent and effective solution: new exterior doors!

Superior Energy Efficiency

Of course, physical damage is a sign that you need to replace your front door. But in many cases, you could use an upgrade even if the door looks like it’s still in decent condition. Older doors leave much to be desired when it comes to energy efficiency. There’s sure to be wear and tear, even if you can’t tell from a cursory glance. Rust, mold, cracks and compromised insulation will all affect your door’s performance from an energy-efficiency standpoint.

By replacing your door with a new, state-of-the-art unit, you’ll rely on modern materials to better keep the elements out of your home. In the installation process, we’ll also replace the insulation, recaulk the frame and ensure that your door is properly set so you can enjoy a dip in your energy bills.

Better Aesthetics

When a home hasn’t been updated in many years, it shows. The styling looks tired and the colours are a little off. The overall feeling is drab. You can restore your home to its former glory with a new door! Even if you change nothing else, a unique door style can make your home feel fresh and stand out from the others on your street.

Current trends involve minimalist lines and moody tones—imagine how a sleek, dark-hued door would do for your home’s exterior! If you’re wondering if it’s worth it to replace a front door, the answer is yes! It’s a quick, minimally invasive reno project that will immediately improve your home’s curb appeal and functionality, increasing its resale value as well.

Improved Functionality

If you’re an owner of an older wooden door, you know it requires a lot of upkeep. New, modern doors barely require any maintenance. Forget the regular sanding, painting and cleaning—the best energy-efficient exterior doors require nothing more than a mild soap washing and only as needed.

New doors can also incorporate features of your choosing, such as an updated glazing design, high-performance materials, specialty hardware or locking mechanisms. Don’t settle for a door that sticks or doesn’t latch properly. Our experienced workers will provide a quality installation and show you how to care for your new door!

If you’re worried about the cost to replace your front door, we carry a variety of styles at several price points to match your budget and ensure your complete satisfaction. All our products are stylish, highly energy efficient, and fully customizable. Reach out to us today for a free consultation and start enjoying your new front doors sooner!

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