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Brick-To-Brick vs Retrofit: Which Is Better for Your Home?

If you’re unfamiliar with all the options available regarding window replacement, you’re not alone. For the uninitiated, it may seem simply a matter of making some measurements and finding a nice window replacement that’s the right size. But there are many more elements involved, from energy efficiency, design, and grade of glass. In some cases, you can even opt to change the size and shape of your windows.

This is where the type of installation comes into play. Window replacements can be a retrofit or brick-to-brick project. Which you choose will depend on several factors.

Let’s take a closer look.

Retrofit Window Installations

A retrofit window installation is one where the frame is preserved. A new window unit is placed into the existing structure. Retrofit installations are fast and relatively inexpensive. They also allow you to maintain the current look of your home, which may be a priority for some homeowners. By keeping the interior casings, your new windows will end up looking similar to your previous ones.

However, retrofits don’t work for every situation. For example, if your window frames are cracked or damaged, simply inserting a new unit will not address these issues. Even if you choose highly energy-efficient replacements, air, and moisture will still leak in and out through the compromised frames. Retrofit windows will also become smaller since they must fit within the existing frames.

If you’re on a tight budget with a short timeline and know that your existing frames are in good condition, a retrofit window installation could be right for you. That said, it’s not worth going the retrofit route if you suspect any damage to the frame.


Brick-To-Brick Window Installations

A brick-to-brick window replacement involves removing the existing frame of your window, all the way down to the brick. Because the work is more extensive, it takes longer and can cost more. However, there are many advantages to going this route.

For one, your window installation team will be able to spot potential issues and provide a fix. Missing insulation, moisture damage, or rot can be easily identified and resolved with a full frame installation. We can even add additional insulation around the perimeter of the windows to increase their energy efficiency.

You also have more options with a brick-to-brick installation. If you love the look of large picture windows, if you’re hoping to add some unique design elements, or want to change up the shape of your current window to add functionality, you’ll want to choose brick-to-brick.

You’ll make a dramatic impact on your home’s overall look and feel, with fresh new trim to change the style and profile of your windows. While brick-to-brick is the pricier choice, it’s also a solid investment that ensures you’ll enjoy high-performing, energy-efficient windows for years to come. Brick-to-brick vs Retrofit

If you’re wondering which method is best for you, contact us at Torwin. There are good reasons to consider both, and it comes down to your individual situation and preferences. During the consultation process, we’ll consider your goals for your project, evaluate the current condition of your windows and make a custom recommendation based on your needs, budget, and lifestyle. Brick-to-brick vs Retrofit 


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