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Elevated Style: Windows and Door Design Tips for 2023

The huge selection of window and door styles available on the market today may leave your head spinning when you’re getting ready for a remodel. But it’s important to keep a clear head when making your choices since your windows and doors play a huge role in your home’s overall design!

They help accentuate your home’s architecture while also adding a helping of decorative style to the inside with a positive impact on each room.

Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary style windows and doors, these tips can help you bring more of your taste and class to your home!

New and Fresh: Front Door Styles – Canada

What’s considered popular for door styles in Canada? We believe that what you love will always be in! So if you’re considering a full door replacement, the sky’s the limit. Everything is up for reimagining, from size to shape to design.

Oversized doors are always in, and rest assured, they make a statement! To accommodate a larger size, you could remove the transom (the window above your front door) and install a unique, over-height door. In some cases, we can help you enlarge the current opening to create an even bigger impact.

If you’re happy with the size of your door, there are other ways to freshen up the look of your entryway. Adding sidelites or a transom can brighten up your inner hall while adding more visual interest from an outside vantage point. And you can select decorative glass for your door as part of your style statement—after all, a striking front entry is the first thing many people see when looking at your home.

Try a Bold New Colour

Another easy way to add style is with your front door’s colour. Try painting the exterior of your front door for a splash of colour that helps it stand out.

You might also try painting the interior of your front door to create a focal point for your entryway. Giving all your doors a fresh coat of paint and choosing brand-new hardware is an easy and inexpensive way to give your home a new look.

Changing the colour of your window frames on the exterior can create a dramatic effect on the front of your house and make the entire home feel new and refreshed. Are you interested in something bold? Pick black to achieve a dramatic and trendy effect. For more drama, you can paint them black on the interior too!

Grilles for New and Existing Window Styles – Canada

Choosing the right window style in Canada doesn’t have to be hard! With so many window types and options, it’s easy to add your touch to your home’s architectural design. One simple change involves updating your windows’ grille profiles.

You can add grills to your pre-existing windows if they’re still in good shape. For a fully DIY option, you can purchase trim pieces and affix them onto the glass in the desired grid pattern. You can also buy a window grille kit, which will take some guesswork out of the job. However, these post-market grilles are entirely aesthetic—they won’t enhance the functionality of your windows. They can also be a challenge to keep clean since the grilles prevent you from doing a thorough, all-over wipedown.

If your windows are older, it makes more sense to replace them altogether. If you like the look of grilles, many current models have them sandwiched between the layers of glass, rather than on the outside. This makes them much easier to maintain and keep clean.

You could also change your windows for increased functionality and updated styling by replacing your single- or double-hung windows with casement windows. This removes the bar from the middle of the window and provides clear, clean views with unobstructed natural light.

Hardware Upgrades for a Luxe Look

Windows and doors usually incorporate several hardware components. From handles and knobs to cranks and hinges, these elements are vital to the operation and utility of your windows and doors. Simply swapping out existing hardware for an elevated option can pack a style punch, particularly if you’re also planning on repainting. Plain, white builder-grade windows can be transformed with a coat of moody black paint and new metallic pulls. A plain door can be dressed up with a bold colour and a modern doorknob.

If you’re considering replacing your windows and doors, don’t forget to ask about the hardware options available. Rather than settling for the default choice, you can upgrade to a designer finish, like matte black or satin brass. Keep your hardware finishes consistent, and you’ll find that it can tie your style choices together, even if you’re using different models of windows and doors throughout the home.

Sliding Patio Doors for Style and Space

Another way to add more style to your home is updating your patio doors. For example, changing your swinging garden door to sliding glass doors saves on space and gives you a great view of the backyard.

Your patio doors may have been an afterthought in the past, but you’ll be excited to show them off to your guests once your new ones are installed. Forget about ripped screens and creaky hinges—your new doors will slide smoothly, click into place and look great. They’ll make it easier to entertain friends and enjoy your outdoor space.

There aren’t many ways to add style to your home that are easier than making changes to your doors and windows. Even a small change, like a coat of paint, can make a world of difference!

If you’re looking to update your home’s look, changing up your window and doors is the way to go. Torwin Windows and Doors provides custom window, door, and patio door styles to choose from. If you’re ready to get started on your next remodel, book your free consultation with the Torwin Team today! We’ll help guide you through your options and choose the best one for your home and budget.


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