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Casement Windows: Enhance Your Home’s Style and Functionality

Are you planning a window replacement project? There are many different types, with benefits and drawbacks to each.

There’s no need to settle for just one type of window – you might find it’s best to mix and match several kinds to get the functionality and look you’re trying to achieve. You have more flexibility than you might have thought possible!

Let’s take a closer look at one of the most popular choices: casement windows.

What is a casement window?

Casement windows are designed with a hinge along the side, which allows it to open much like a door. They usually operate with a crank handle, and an arm supports the pane as it opens. Because these windows can open so wide, they’re often chosen for areas requiring maximum light and airflow.

Casement windows are also among the most energy-efficient models available. When closed, the sash is sealed against the frame, making it close to airtight. This prevents air exchange between the interior and exterior of your home.

Where to put a casement window

Casement windows are great for any space with enough clearance to open. Upper-floor rooms are served well by casements and any areas requiring additional ventilation, like kitchens or bathrooms. The crank operation also makes them ideal for spaces that might be difficult to access – you can open and close them as long as you can reach the handle.

You may want to avoid casements in tight or narrow spaces that would obstruct their full opening. However, casements can be designed to open inwards or outwards, so you have some options if you’re set on this window type

You may also need to choose another style if you have a window air conditioner. Casements are not designed to accommodate air conditioners because they open at an angle.

Design options for casement windows

It’s a traditional choice to have two identical casement windows next to each other, opening on opposite hinges. The effect is similar to a set of double doors and can give a dramatic feel to a room when both are open.

However, more and more homeowners are going for an asymmetrical look. For example, if there’s a large, long rectangular opening for a window, a client might select a casement window that takes up about a third of the space, leaving the rest as a picture window. The effect is sleek, unexpected, and popular in contemporary-styled homes.

Combining fixed and casement windows can help you achieve the functionality and style you’re looking for – both ventilation and an uninterrupted view, in this case. Another popular choice involves having casements on either side of a picture window for a more uniform look.

Torwin carries a large selection of customizable casement windows to fit your needs, lifestyle, and decor preferences. Reach out to us for a complimentary consultation and learn more about the right window type for your home.

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