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Choosing the Best Materials for Your Doors and Windows

Doors and windows come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. But have you thought about which materials you should opt for? Modern doors and windows materials are versatile, durable, and energy-efficient. Let’s go into some of the benefits of our most popular windows and doors materials.

Vinyl Windows and Doors

A cost-effective choice, vinyl doors, and windows have come a long way. If you’re worried about your fixtures looking like plastic, it’s not the case—vinyl can be molded and textured to look like almost any material—even wood! Vinyl windows and doors have a lifespan of about 30 years or more.

They’re also relatively low maintenance, airtight when properly installed, and energy efficient. So if you’re on a budget and looking for something that’s standard in size and style, vinyl doors and windows are the way to go.

Aluminum Windows and Doors

Aluminum doors and windows are heavier than vinyl, which means they’re a bit stronger and can withstand high winds and stormy conditions if that’s a concern for you. They’re an excellent option for custom window sizing and shapes, though, since aluminum is flexible and easily manipulated. They also last about 45 years—you won’t need to undertake another replacement project anytime soon if you go with aluminum.

If you’re hoping for super thin frames and huge panes of glass to maximize the natural light in your home, aluminum is the way to go. If you’ve struggled with condensation on your windows in the past, there are glass and insulation options that can help solve this issue—speak to us to learn more!

Metal-Clad Windows and Door

Also referred to as aluminum clad, these windows and doors are wonderfully low maintenance yet stylish. Metal-clad windows and doors are an upscale choice, marrying the best properties of both aluminum and wood.

Aluminum is on the exterior facing side, protecting a wooden core. This durable material is resistant to the elements and is decay and insect-proof. It’s got a fresh modern look and is available in many colors. Aluminum is also very energy efficient—as a non-porous, not conductive material, it’s very good at keeping the outside air where it belongs: outside! On the interior side, however, the door is wood—a warm, classic choice that fits the styling of many homes.

If home décor is your passion, metal-clad fixtures are a great choice! They can be easily repainted for a refresh or to complement a new design scheme.

When it comes to front doors and windows, you’ll want to think through your choices carefully—it’s often what people first notice when they look at your home. The best materials for your doors and windows depending on your budget, style, and technical requirements to maximize your home’s utility. Of course, we have other materials options too, like wood and fiberglass that may be an ideal fit for your home!

Reach out to us for a free consultation, and we can help determine what materials for your windows and doors will work best for you.


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