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New Builds: Cottage Window and Door Replacement in the Kawarthas

When we buy a home, we learn to love its features and quirks, even if parts of it aren’t exactly how we would have chosen it.

But some of us are lucky enough to build our homes from the ground up. For Barry and Susan, they had the opportunity to design their dream Kawarthas cottage from scratch.

Naturally, they called the experts when it was time to select their cottage windows and doors, and we were all too happy to help them bring their dream home to life.

The Challenge

Barry and Susan wanted large, flat picture windows so they could enjoy the idyllic view uninterrupted. Their architect submitted drawings for oversized windows with transoms which, while beautiful, would impede their view and be very costly to make and install.

They also chose beautiful, oversized patio doors and windows, which were perfect for their new home, but posed an additional challenge regarding logistics. Given their size, they were extremely heavy. In fact, some of the fixtures were over 500 lbs – and had to be installed from the second floor.

To top it all off, their new build was located on an island, and we couldn’t just have a truck deliver the product as we usually would.

The Process

Our consultant discussed the logistics and limitations of the transom windows with Barry and Susan.

We proposed simple picture windows on their own to maximize their view of the outdoors and for a minimalist look that suited their new, modern cottage style. We also suggested a sliding patio door with a larger glass surface, which reduced the footprint needed for proper functioning while increasing the natural light that would come into the home.

As for getting the product to the cottage, it was a two-part job – arranging the delivery of the windows and doors to the marina and scheduling a barge to bring it across the lake.

For the heaviest items, our crew had to think outside the box – strategically deglazing the fixtures and moving them to their proper position before reglazing them, prior to installation.

Thanks to our experienced staff, the job was completed in two days!

The Result

What a difference cottage doors and windows make! After two days of installation, the brand new fixtures helped the build take shape to look like a home. The large, flat surfaces act like mirrors to reflect the beauty of their natural surroundings when viewed from the outside.

With a combination of picture and casement windows, Barry and Susan have a cottage full of

natural light and good ventilation within – and are one step closer to completing their dream home.

Whether you own an older home or are in the process of building your home, Torwin can help you design and install the perfect windows. We’ve done it all, from putting in standard yet stylish options to fully custom work that can set your home apart.

At Torwin, we handle the entire process from beginning to end, so you can sit back and enjoy your new windows and doors. Speak to us for a bespoke cottage window and door experience that will exceed your expectations.