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an elevated look with custom black doors and windows

Have you heard? Rich, moody tones of charcoal, onyx and sable are an emerging trend for style-conscious homeowners looking to accent their homes to make a striking statement. Black is back in a new way, especially for windows and doors.

At Torwin, we’ve been watching this trend take shape, from the earliest inquiries of our curious clients to confident requests and the actual installation of these scene-stealing fixtures. We’ve been working with our suppliers to ensure a fantastic selection of black windows and doors, from options with mass appeal to entirely custom designs. And, of course, with the same improved energy efficiency you’d expect from brand new windows and doors.

In a recent project, we combined our custom work with a window and door replacement project that resulted in a new look for one home, increased curb appeal, and an unexpected sale at a very nice price. Let’s get into it!

The Clients Need

Our clients Abby and Brendan own a detached, two-garage home in a quiet Markham neighbourhood. While the existing doors and windows were still operational, the style was dated – standard white windows with decorative shutters and a white framed glass entryway outside the main exterior door. Functional for sure, but it didn’t make a visual impact.

They contacted us at Torwin to make some big changes, and we began the consultation process.

Before Windows Door Upgrade In Markham

For this project, Abby and Brendan were committed to replacing their entire lot of windows and reimagining their front door and its glass porch enclosure. Throughout our discussions, they frequently mentioned how much they loved natural light illuminating their home. So we sent one of our craftsmen to take a look at their house to make tailored suggestions.

We settled on:

  • Stylish new vinyl windows with black framing both on the interior and exterior sides
  • An upgraded interior trim package for the windows

Updating the porch enclosure with a custom black door, new glass and black trim borders.

Torwin’s Process

After Windows Door Upgrade By Torwin

To accommodate their love of natural light, we suggested four knockouts to increase the size of several windows and create a couple of new ones in their home. They loved the idea, and we put our best experts on the job. After all, a knockout is no easy task: when working with brick and concrete, it’s necessary to be deliberate with the details so the new opening looks intentional and not like an afterthought. Luckily, our contractors have worked on many knockouts in the past. They transformed the rooms of the house to have a bright and airy feel. The shutters were removed for a sleek, modern look, and the old enclosure was replaced with new, energy-efficient glass with matching black trim.

The Result

The home’s new black windows and doors made a bold style statement, looking fresh, modern, and well-maintained. And our clients loved it – so much that they saw it as an opportunity. Although they hadn’t originally intended on selling, in the heated GTA real estate market, Abby and Brendan figured that these new upgrades would give their home an edge – and they were right!

Upgraded Premium Windows Door At Markham

This house sold for a premium, and they’ve moved on. In fact, we’re working with them again to upgrade the windows and doors at their new home.

Want to make the same happen for your home? Reach out to us at Torwin and let us help you choose the black windows and doors to elevate your house!