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Customized Windows and Doors That Fit Oakville Lifestyle

Most homeowners take pride in their properties, making the necessary repairs to keep their homes looking and functioning well. Upgrading with custom windows and doors will accomplish both goals: improved aesthetics and function! Replacing your windows and doors with modern, high-quality options will give your home an instant facelift, inside and out! Along with better energy efficiency, your new windows and doors will incorporate the latest features, making them smarter and easier to use. Here’s why you should reach out to Torwin for your windows and doors in Oakville.

A bespoke experience awaits

Forget feeling like you’re in a big-box store – we treat each of our clients to a red-carpet experience right from the consultation stage. We offer virtual meets for your convenience, or you can come to our showroom and see all the different options available to you – the sky’s the limit!

We’re here to guide you through the decision process, so you’re confident that you’ve made the best possible choice for your home – we have a staff member visit the site so they can review the technical aspects required and help you choose an option that will optimize the look, feel and function of your home.

Make your mark

Your home is an investment, and you want to keep it that way, with thoughtful upgrades and carefully planned enhancements. And you want better than standard, pre-fab, off-the-shelf options. At Torwin, you can customize every detail of your doors and windows, from size to shape, colour to hardware, and anything else you can think of. With over 30 years of experience creating custom windows and doors for our clients, we’ve seen it all.

Give us your wishlist, and we can work on making it come true. After working with hundreds of clients, we can confidently advise you how best to incorporate the features and details you want into the perfect custom windows and doors for your Oakville home.

A fully customized build

In one recent project, we had an Oakville client request an updated entry door for their home. The challenge? The homeowner wanted to preserve the vintage stained glass design that was a part of their current door as it had sentimental value to them. Challenge accepted! We had a staff carpenter visit their home to take the appropriate measurements and start making plans. After the client finalized the colours and decorative elements, we got to work designing the door around the stained glass panes. Once the door arrived, our contractors carefully removed the fragile glass from the old door and installed it on the new one, preserving the character of their entryway while giving it a fresh new update.

Custom Doors with Exterior & Interior Replacement DesignsThis gorgeously designed deep blue door combines both contemporary and traditional style elements to elevate the look of this already beautiful home.

Want your home to have the same impact? Contact Torwin to get started on your custom windows and doors renovation project!