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Door Replacement 101: key exterior door components to know

Doors are one of the easiest ways to upgrade the look of your home’s exterior. Unlike some other reno jobs where the focus is either on functionality or aesthetics, exterior door replacement makes an impact on both!

Do you know how to describe the different exterior door components? Before you start browsing styles for your door replacement, make sure you have a handle on your door terminology.

Exterior Door Supports

Brickmold: This refers to the casing and trim around exterior doors. You can think of it like a picture frame around your door. It improves the durability of your door’s installation and acts as a barrier between the elements and your door’s edges, preventing moisture from coming in.

Frame: This is the wooden, vinyl or aluminum supports that hold your door in place. It includes the door jambs (the two vertical pieces), the head (the horizontal top piece), and the sill (the bottom horizontal part against the floor).

Slab: It’s the piece we refer to as the door itself. The actual operating portion of the door. It’s the rectangular sheet of material and hinges, hardware, and a sweep are added to it.

Exterior Door Additions

Sweep: It’s the thin strip of flexible material (weatherstripping) that’s attached to the bottom of the door to keep out drafts and moisture.

Threshold: An element that serves as a transition from your door sill to your interior floor. Another spot where you can make your mark, you can choose a threshold to match or complement your door or floor.

Exterior Door Hardware

These terms may be a bit more familiar to the layperson.

Hinge: It’s a metal mechanism usually attached on the long edge of the door, joining the slab with the frame. The hinge is what allows the door to swing open and shut.

Hardware: The knob (or lever) is the handle to open and close the door. They come in many materials, finishes, styles and even functionalities. Some knobs are decorative only (they don’t turn). Others include lock mechanisms – combination, touchpad, or keyed entry.

Exterior Door Glass

Doorlites: Ever admired a door with a “window?” These glass inserts in your door slab are called doorlites. You can opt for a geometric or stained glass design, choose grilles or stick with a clear pane. Whether your primary concern is privacy, light exposure, aesthetics, or a combination of these factors, Torwin can help advise on a doorlite choice that works for you.

Sidelites: They’re the narrow windows you find along the sides and the top of an exterior door. Great for letting in extra light and customizing your door design, sidelites can be both stylish and practical. If you’re worried about someone peeking in, built-in internal blinds or frosted glass can help.

At Torwin, we don’t expect you to be an expert in exterior door components. We’ve worked with thousands of clients to execute their vision, so we’ve figured out how to build a good rapport with our customers and translate what they have in mind into reality! And unlike a big box store, we offer customization options for every project we work on. We can help you craft and install a door that’s as unique as you are.

Ready to start your exterior door replacement project? Give us a call!