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How to Care for Your Windows & Doors

If you’re like many of us, cleaning your windows and doors isn’t always a part of your routine. Unlike your kitchen or bathroom, which can see heavy, frequent use, these fixtures passively accumulate dirt and dust from exposure, which can be less noticeable.

Still, door and window cleaning are essential to keeping them in good working order. Here’s how to do it right.

How to Clean Window Frames

Most modern house windows require a minimum of upkeep. If you’ve noticed them looking dirty or dingy, wipe the frames with a mild detergent and rinse with clean water. Remember to dry them with a soft, clean cloth and a gentle touch—most dust and dirt should lift easily without heavy scrubbing.

Avoid using harsh or abrasive substances on any parts of your windows, including bleach, which can damage the surfaces with scratches or discoloration. In the same way, when window washing, do not use stiff or scratchy pads such as steel wool or deep scourers—leave those for your pots and pans.

How to Clean Glass Windows

The glass surfaces can be cleaned the same way as the window frames, but if you prefer a streak-free shine, you can use a mild, ammonia-free glass cleaner to keep things clear and shiny.

If your windows open or tilt, you may be able to access the exterior side from within the house. This makes it easier to clean your outside windows. If not, you may need a ladder or to hire an outdoor window cleaner to access your upper floor.

Your window’s drainage channels and sweep holes will need to be kept clear. Make sure nothing is blocking them—such as dirt, insects, snow or ice. This will allow moisture and condensation to drain properly outside.

For the most part, the cranks, hinges, and other hardware should require no maintenance, but a silicone-based lubricant can be applied to keep things moving smoothly. You can reach out to us for product recommendations if you need assistance.

How to Clean Window Screens

When it comes to screens, we suggest avoiding cleaning solvents altogether. It’s best to remove them from the windows and hose them down with clean water.

Skip the power washer—the intense, sustained pressure can break down your screens. For stubborn dirt, a quick soak in a basin could also work. Leave them in the sun to air dry before reattaching them to the window frame.

How to Clean Doors

Our doors require the same light upkeep as our windows. Using a mild detergent with a water rinse afterwards, as needed, is sufficient for most cases of dirt and grime.

Check the hardware and hinges on occasion—we’ve all experienced squeaky doors—and this can be easily fixed with an application of lubricant.

A gentle, ammonia-free cleaner is best if your doors have glass inserts. Like our advice with windows, you should avoid rough, abrasive, or harsh solvents or cleaning pads.

After a full-service installation process, the Torwin team will provide detailed instructions for properly caring for your new windows and doors.

While they’re relatively low maintenance, taking these simple steps will ensure that your new fixtures will perform optimally for you and your family for years to come!

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