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Enjoy Your Summer with New Windows and Doors

Looking for the latest in window and door trends for your home? Consider blurring the lines between your indoor and outdoor spaces. Canadians love to make the most of the warm weather – after all, it only lasts a few short months, and it’s a wonderfully luxurious feeling to lounge outdoors just as you would inside. Here are some ways to enjoy indoor-outdoor living with new windows and doors.

Create a Comfortable Outdoor Space

Forget hard chairs and plastic tables. Make your backyard as comfortable as you would a space indoors. Think hammocks, padded recliners, ambient lighting and lots of greenery. It’s entirely up to you, and the sky’s the limit – there are no wrong choices!

In your transitional rooms – the spaces in your home that connect you to the outdoors (e.g. your sunroom, dining area, living room), you may want to consider finding cohesive decor elements for your home’s interior and exterior areas to make a strong style statement.

Doors to Connect Your Home’s Spaces

Forget the sliding patio doors of your childhood (although those can be great too)! If you want to blend the living spaces of your home, think floor-to-ceiling, bi-folding patio doors. When open, these doors will maximize the airflow and natural light coming into your home, making you feel as if you were outdoors.

This can uplift your spirits and lighten your mood, even when preparing a meal or finishing up a work presentation after hours. A set of double garden doors are another popular yet classic choice. Practical and easy to maintain, these hinged doors add an element of design and drama to your home.

If the setup of your home allows it, you may even want to install more than one set of patio doors. For example, you can have several along one wall or two perpendicular to each other, meeting at a shared corner. Imagine a warm, breezy night with all your patio doors open. You may feel like you’re staying at a tropical resort!

Windows to Connect Your Home’s Spaces

There are some rooms of the house where you simply cannot create a walkout style connection to the outdoors. But that doesn’t have to stop you! If you love the outdoors, consider installing large picture windows in your bedroom and living rooms. You can sip your coffee and see nature from the cozy comfort of your home.

At Torwin, we carry a selection of thin aluminum frames that maximize the glass surface area of your windows for an uninterrupted view.

You may also be interested in operable windows that can open up and give you a breath of fresh air. Casement windows tend to run smaller than picture windows, but they can open to let in a touch of the outdoors.

New windows and doors can allow you to enjoy indoor/outdoor living, no matter the season, although there’s no denying its appeal during the summer months. If you want to create these spaces in your home, contact us for a free consultation!

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