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Upgrade your Entry Doors with Sidelights

Optimizing the natural light in your home can make your time spent indoors more enjoyable. Most homeowners enjoy letting in the sunlight to illuminate their home’s interior during the day and having visual access to the outdoors. Large, thoughtfully placed windows can help accomplish this but don’t overlook entry door sidelights for extra light.

What Are Sidelights?

Sidelights are vertical windows installed along an entry doorway’s long edges. Far from being one-size-fits-all, they’re customizable and come in various standard widths, with glass that either fully or partially fills the frame.

Sidelights can be placed along both sides of the door or just one. In addition, you can choose clear, etched or frosted glass, and you can opt for a grille design as well. Sidelights usually come as part of the front door, but you can also purchase them separately for a look that’s all your own.

Benefits of Installing a Front Door with Sidelights

With all the choices available, sidelights are an easy way to put your personal touch on the focal point of your home’s exterior. They provide curb appeal and visual interest to your front door, making it appear more expansive and emphasizing your entryway from the outside.

Sidelights are also practical! Entryways can be dark and dim, located in spaces where it’s difficult to install a window. Sidelights bring in some natural light so you can find a pair of matching shoes and check your reflection before heading out the door. And for those without a peephole in their door, sidelights can let you discreetly check who’s knocking or whether your guests have arrived.

Choosing sidelights won’t be at the expense of your energy bill. You can rest assured that modern sidelights are designed to be energy-efficient and stylish at the same time. Improved glass packages and top-of-the-line materials will help keep the air in your home from passing through a sidelight.

While most sidelights are inoperable, there are models now that will allow you to open them. Operable sidelights can breathe life into a dark entryway by enabling you to bring fresh air into the space while keeping the door closed.

Installing New Sidelights for Your Entry

Your current door may already have sidelights, so upgrading will be easy! When selecting a front door replacement, choose a sidelight option that fits your preferences and budget. The experts at Torwin can help advise if you’re unsure what will work best for your home.

If your door doesn’t have sidelights, but you have your heart set on them, we can still make it happen. We can create a custom piece according to your specifications, allowing you to choose the colour, material, type of glass and design.

To maximize the impact of your front door, our contractors can help you increase the size of your entry to incorporate sidelights and even an oversized door if you’d like. Our pros will come to evaluate your home and current door and discuss the best way to complete the job while minimizing disruption.

Our dedicated team includes a project manager and experienced installers, who will keep you updated on our progress and ensure the work is completed to the highest standard.

Sidelights for the Latest in Door Trends

Double doors have had their moment – many of our clients are opting to transition to an oversized single door instead. While double doors were touted for their accessibility—after all, it’s easier to move furniture and appliances or even hustle the kids into the home—they’re no longer considered a must-have.

For one, as homeowners have focused on upgrading the livability of their outdoor space, many now have large patio doors that can accommodate the occasional movement of large items.

Single doors are more structurally secure, a significant consideration for many families. A single door latches and locks into the home itself, rather than another door, for increased safety and peace of mind.

Sidelights are perfect for transitioning from a double to a single, oversized door—the large opening from removing two doors offers lots of space to accommodate sidelights of your choosing on either side while still leaving plenty of room to fit in a large door.

For maximum impact, choose a dark or black door slab, opt for some sleek sidelights and your entryway will be right on top of the latest trends.

Options for Your Sidelights

If you like the idea of sidelights but are concerned about maintaining your privacy or nosy neighbours peering in, we have a variety of frosted and decorative glass options for you to choose from. You’ll still be able to enjoy an increase of natural light in your entryway without sacrificing your comfort and security. Many of these choices still incorporate clear glass in the design, allowing you to keep an eye on what’s happening outside.

And if you’re into the minimalist look but are turned off by the overly ornate sidelights you remember from your childhood, you’ll be glad to learn that they also come in a range of simple yet bold designs. Door manufacturers are keeping up with the trends and offering models with clean, straight lines, dark frames, and smooth glass. Whatever your preferences, there’s a sidelight that’s perfect for you.

Is a front entry door with sidelights right for you? Even if you want sidelights as part of your front door replacement project, settling on a style that will complement your home can take time and effort.

At Torwin, we’ve worked on hundreds of door replacement jobs, and we consider it part of our service to consult with you, helping you visualize your favourites until you’re confident in your selections. Design and aesthetics don’t come naturally to everyone, and we’re here to assist you in choosing a product that will look great and function beautifully for your home.

Want to upgrade your home’s curb appeal with a quick, turnkey project? You can make a solid first impression by choosing entry doors with sidelights. Reach out to us today and get started!

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