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Expert Tips for Maintaining Your New Windows and Doors

If you’ve recently purchased new windows and doors or want to keep your existing ones in good repair, it’s essential to take the proper care and maintenance so they’ll continue to operate well and look great for years to come.

Here are some maintenance tips to help you care for your windows and doors.

Keep ‘em Clean

Great news: modern windows and doors don’t require much work to keep clean. Simply apply a mild detergent to the surfaces of your windows and doors, using clean water to rinse and a damp cloth to dry and polish everything off. There’s no need to use abrasive or harsh cleaners—in fact, they can damage your windows and doors. Make sure to avoid using rough pads or power washers as well—they can cause small scratches and cracks that will compromise the integrity of your new windows and doors.

Screen Savers

Screens are easier to maintain than you think. First, remove them from the window and rinse them off with water, leaving them to air dry. You can do it once or twice a year or as needed. Like with the windows themselves, it’s important not to use a pressure washer or solvents on your screens—it can weaken or damage the materials.

If your screens are torn or have holes, but your windows are in decent condition, consider replacing them so you can enjoy the fresh air without worrying about bugs or debris.

Clear Paths Ahead

Windows have tracks, drainage channels and holes, all of which must be kept clear for normal functioning. Dust and buildup in the tracks can make the windows difficult to open, and if the drainage channels are blocked, it makes it difficult for water and moisture to drain out, which can cause mold, mildew, and rot. These spaces can be covered up by dirt, snow, ice or small insects, and regular cleaning can ensure these areas remain clear and functional.

Check the Seals

To keep your windows and doors performing at peak energy efficiency, keep an eye out for any holes or spaces around the fixtures where air or moisture can leak in or out. If your windows are made of wood, water can cause the frames to rot, requiring a total replacement. If you see any holes, apply a layer of caulk to seal out the elements. It’s also a good idea to check the exterior caulking around your windows once a year and reapply if needed.

Crank It Up

For the most part, your hardware won’t require any maintenance. The mechanisms on your new, high-quality windows and doors are designed to stay functional for years. But, if squeaky hinges or sticky handles present themselves, it can be resolved with a bit of lubrication. We recommend applying a light silicone product when needed to keep everything operating smoothly.

For some older doors and windows, maintenance won’t be enough. So, when these fixtures are decades old, rotting, damaged and cracked, it’s best to consider having windows and doors replaced. They will be significantly more energy efficient, and their modern mechanisms and styling will make them a joy to use. If you’re wondering: Where can I find new windows and doors near me?, reach out to us at Torwin to learn more!


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