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Experts in Exterior Door Installation

Getting a new front door installed for your home can be very exciting. Whether you’re going with something classic or an entry that makes a statement, it gives the exterior of your home a facelift, making it feel fresh, new and inviting. It’s a home improvement project that can offer a cohesive element to the different design choices you’ve made, pulling the brick, siding and yard together for a harmonious overall feel.

But before you make any big decisions, as experts on door installation, let us here at Torwin share some of the technical elements you need to be aware of.


Caulking is often a common choice when sealing a door into the frame. But did you know that cement is the preferred choice if your entryway is made of stone? While this can cost a premium, the result is well worth it—a cleaner look for your investment. If caulk is the right choice for you and your home, the sealing should match the colour of the door.


To help insulate the areas around your newly installed door, we suggest high-density expanding foam. Used correctly, it can create a barrier that’s both airtight and water-resistant to maximize insulation value and improve efficiency by preventing heat/AC loss.


Don’t forget about your doorbell! After you have a new door put in, you might find that your old doorbell no longer matches the aesthetic. Usually located right next to your door, you can have your door installation experts help you feed the doorbell wires through the appropriate spaces for easy replacement. Similarly, if you use a home alarm, you’ll need to coordinate with your home security service to reconnect any alarm wires and reapply contacts after a door installation.


It’s a great idea to have all the locksets in your home keyed alike—this way, you only need one set of keys to access any of the doors in your home. If you’d like a lock keyed to match an existing one in your home, you’ll need to know the lock brand and have an original working key on hand—there should be a five-digit code on it. With this information, your locksmith or door installation expert can track down the same lock for your other doors.

If you’re replacing multiple doors, you can make this request to the door service company—it’s easy to accommodate, and here at Torwin, we recommend it!


We suggest brickmould installation for your doors for a final, upscale touch that combines form and function. It’s a trim that’s used to frame your door, hiding any old caulk lines. It can also protect your door and the surrounding entryway from exposure to excess moisture. And for a consistent look, make sure the hinges match the interior hardware.

There’s a lot to consider when choosing and installing a new door. At Torwin, we have the experience—we’ve installed more doors than we can count! You deserve a door you love. Let us help you do it right.

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