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Finding Noise Reduction Windows and Doors

For most people, their homes are a spot for peace and quiet, a refuge from the hustle and bustle outside their front doors. But silence and solitude might be hard to find if you live on a busy street, in a neighborhood with kids, or near a family with loud pets.

But you don’t have to resort to moving. Before you contact your real estate agent, there are plenty of options to help reduce the outdoor noise in your home, starting with your windows and doors.

Triple-Pane Glass

An extra layer of glass can make a big difference! Double-paned windows are common in Canadian homes and offer solid performance for standard conditions. But triple-paned windows might be a better bet if you’re looking for something extra like blocking out the sound of traffic outside.

Simply having an extra layer creates a physical barrier to block sound waves, taking the edge off some of the sharper noises. The thickness of each layer of glass and the amount of air space in between can also impact sound absorption. Speak to us at Torwin if you’re interested in learning more about the triple-pane noise-reduction windows available for your home.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass has a lot of fantastic properties. For one, they are excellent at blocking out unwanted sound due to their makeup: two panes of glass bonded together by a polymer complex. The polymer material is quite good at absorbing sound, and that’s not all it can do!

Laminated glass is highly secure, resistant to glass cutters on one side, and challenging to break into. Because of how the panes are bonded, the glass might crack with impact or pressure but won’t shatter into loose pieces that can present a hazard or open up a hole for would-be burglars to take advantage of.

Laminated glass also has UV-blocking properties. UV light can fade and damage your furniture, paint, and decorative items, especially if those items are in the direct path of the sun for an extended period every day. It can also harm your skin and cause premature aging.

Noise Reduction Doors

If sound reduction is a priority, there are some choices you can make in your exterior door elements that can help in this regard. For one, a denser door tends to block out sound better. And, of course, a door with glass windows may affect its noise reduction abilities. At Torwin, we offer doors in various materials and can recommend ones that help reduce sound while matching your style and budget.

If your current doors need a bit of improvement in this area, consider adding some weatherstripping, a door sweep or soundproof rubber along the sides of your door. These add-ons can add another layer to block unwanted soundwaves from passing through.

Whether the sounds outside your home have been an ongoing problem or you want to ensure you’ll continue living comfortably noise-wise, no matter who moves in next door, we offer a range of noise-reducing products and features. Talk to us to learn more!