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The Versatility of Garden Doors for Your Home

It’s been a great summer, and you’ve no doubt had plenty of time to enjoy your outdoor space. You’ve made the most of the warm weather months, from backyard BBQs to relaxing drinks on the porch.

You’ve also probably noted a few areas of your home that could use a little work, maybe in time for next summer. Perhaps the yard needs some work, or you’d like to improve your outdoor space. Maybe it’s time to reimagine your backyard doors.

If you’re looking for something different, garden doors are a great alternative to your standard sliding door. Here are a few points to mull over when considering garden door installation.

Exterior Garden Doors – Canada

While sliding patio doors are practical and functional, garden doors bring a touch of drama. They can come in a single-operator style, where only one of the doors opens, and the other is static and decorative. Alternatively, double-operator doors allow you to open both at once, blurring the transition between your home’s interior and exterior.

With their classic styling and a range of customizable features, you can select from a range of glass types, colours and designs and find a model that complements your home. Torwin carries standard two-panel garden doors, as well as three and four-panel options, which all would instantly add a wow factor to your home.

Garden Door vs. Patio Door

Garden doors might not be suitable for every home. They require a fair bit of clearance to open fully, and many homeowners opt for a sliding door’s space-saving flexibility. If you have younger children, you might prefer the security of a sliding door, which you can request with additional security features like a lock at the top of the frame, out of reach of curious tots.

And if you want to optimize the amount of natural light in your home, it’s hard to beat the large, uninterrupted glass surface found in typical patio doors. But you might be surprised at the performance and versatility of garden doors!

Garden Door Ideas

At Torwin, we carry an extensive selection of beautiful, customizable garden doors with the energy efficiency and functionality that you’re dreaming of. With the right glass design, garden doors will still let in plenty of light to illuminate your home’s interior. And when open, they allow maximum airflow, much more than you’d get with typical sliding doors, especially if you’ve opted for double doors.

The clearance required might be a limitation, but don’t write them off just yet – we’re great at thinking outside the box! With years of experience on the job and a focus on custom work, we might just devise a solution that could make garden doors work for your home.

Can’t decide between a patio door or new garden doors? Wondering which type of garden door you should choose, or if there are garden doors on sale? Speak to the experts! Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your door replacement project.

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