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Upgrade Your Home Security: Secure Windows, Doors & Patio Doors

Break-ins and theft are nightmares for homeowners. When your home has been breached, you’ll naturally experience anxiety and worry even after replacing your belongings and fixing the damage. It can be a long time before you feel safe again.

You can prevent these types of incidents from happening by choosing secure windows and doors that provide you with the functionality and reassurance you need. Here are some things to consider when looking for new front doors, windows, and patio doors.

Home Security – Doors

Your front door is the main entry point to your home. Most homeowners, especially those with families, want to ensure their homes are safe and secure and gravitate towards front door options that help maintain their peace of mind.

After all, your home is a sanctuary and place of refuge where you rest, relax, and let your guard down. With a secure front door, you can keep it that way.

For a fully secure home, start with your front door. We recommend our fiberglass or steel security doors for homeowners who want to increase the safety of their home. These doors are solid and resistant, with multipoint locks for additional protection.

Steel and fiberglass doors are known for their strength—the material isn’t easily compromised and won’t warp, weaken, or bend. They also close and lock with a steel bolt—when engaged, the deadbolt rests within the steel, not wood, reinforcing the lock rail and making it difficult to force open without the key.

For customers looking for a high degree of door security, we recommend a solid slab door without glass inserts. Steel is an excellent option for safe doors, as it is solid and resistant to natural wear and tear, the elements, and intentional damage.

Natural light is often touted as a must-have in homes, but many houses don’t necessarily require windows or extra illumination in their entryway. Having glass as part of your door doesn’t necessarily put you at risk, but it can represent a vulnerability that can potentially be tested or exploited.

Some customers ask about removing their sidelights and to install an oversized door instead. While a double door may add drama, it’s best to stick with a single door as it locks into the home’s structure if you’re interested in maximizing safety. Conversely, double doors lock into each other and can be forced open with less effort.

We recommend selecting a door with multipoint locks for an extra layer of protection. Instead of your typical door, secured by a single deadbolt, multipoint locks engage at several points along the door, making it more difficult for an intruder to enter. Multipoint lock doors open with a key and are just as simple to operate as a door with a deadbolt.

Through our consultation process, we can assess your current entry and advise on what products will work best for your preferences and home.

Home Security – Windows

If you choose operable windows, they will usually have a locking mechanism. Multipoint lock windows are some of the most secure types available on the market. This locking mechanism triggers several lock points along the window, keeping it from being easily pried open (compared to window models that only lock at one spot). Look out for ones that incorporate this locking feature for casement and awning windows (the type that swings open along one edge).

At Torwin, all our vinyl casement and awning options are multipoint lock windows, so you can be sure that whatever model you love will be practical and secure.

You have options if you’re unsure about the suitability of casement or awning windows in your home. Our hung and sliding windows have an automatic locking feature, which means that as long as the window is in the closed position, it is locked—convenient and simple! When you’re out of town, you won’t be second-guessing yourself with these windows holding down the fort.

Don’t forget to use window coverings as a low-cost way to improve the security of your home. Having curtains or blinds that keep would-be intruders from peering inside can deter them from breaking in. After all, if burglars can’t be sure there’s something of value within your home they want, they’ll be less likely to take the risk.

Security – Patio Doors

Want to make sure your patio doors are extra safe? Our sliding models also come standard with a multipoint lock to give you an extra layer of security. Also, because patio doors sometimes represent a point of vulnerability in a home, we’ve incorporated an additional “kick lock” at the bottom of the doors. If either the kick lock or the standard lock is activated, the doors will not open.

If you have small children, you can opt for an extra lock at the top of the door, out of reach from little hands. This way, you can be sure they won’t accidentally unlock the door without your knowledge—necessary for home security and safety, particularly if you have hazards like a pool or a raised deck in your backyard.

And much like our recommendations for front doors and windows, you may consider installing a curtain or using privacy glass to keep outsiders from looking into your home through the patio doors.

Accessories for Security and Privacy

Glass Packages

If you like the look and functionality of glass in your front entryway, you can still opt for choices that will preserve your privacy. For example, frosted or decorative glass will prevent people from looking into your home while walking by. You can apply a privacy film to clear glass for the same effect or request tinted glass for some mild distortion. These options will still allow light through, so you can continue enjoying a brightened front foyer.

We also have a variety of glass packages for your door inserts, sidelites and windows. You can select glass types to enhance the security of your home. Laminated or tempered glass types are more challenging to break and could be a good choice for your doors and windows. They also have the added benefit of noise reduction – dampening the sounds of the busy streets outside to make your home a more peaceful refuge.


You can improve the security of your windows and doors simply by choosing quality knobs, handles and mechanisms. Simply put, well-made hardware options are less likely to snap, break or be forced open. At Torwin, our hardware choices are built to last, and you can rest assured that whatever you choose will stand up to daily use and then some! However, if you are considering replacing these accessories on your existing door, keep quality and durability in mind when making your final choices. The investment will be well worth it.

Home Security Systems

Installing sensors on your windows and doors and a front door camera can help improve your home’s security. Some models emit an alarm when disturbed, while others might provide you with a notification or security footage when they detect something anomalous. You can manage these accessories digitally through an app to monitor the time and location of any disturbances picked up by the sensors and review the images or video your cameras have recorded. Having visible sensors and cameras alone can deter thieves.

Many variables are involved when choosing a new front door, from design to functionality. When replacing your old fixtures, don’t neglect to account for the security of your windows and doors. If you’re looking to improve the privacy and security of your home, connect with us. We will review your specifications and help you decide on a product that fits your needs.

At Torwin, you can trust that you’ll receive personalized advice and recommendations for stylish, energy-efficient and easy-to-use window and door replacements for security and safety.