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Classical Charm, Modern Convenience: The Art of Replacing Doors and Windows in Historical Homes

There’s a beautiful charm to historic homes. These houses are older, perhaps close to 100 years old or more. They often have unique features – decorative and functional elements that aren’t present in modern homes.

If you’re lucky enough to live in one of these antique abodes, you’ve probably thought about making subtle updates to keep the house looking fresh and energy efficient. Here’s how we get the job done at Torwin.

An Eye for Design

When it comes to window treatments for historic homes, modern windows, trendy, ultramodern frames often don’t feel quite right. And it can be hard to picture what a different window or front door style might look like in your home.

At Torwin, we’ve worked with many older homes and have the experience to steer you toward options that work best for your home. Once you’ve narrowed down your choice, we can help guide our clients further in the decision-making process by providing CAD drawings and mockups so you can better visualize your preferences.

Managing the Move

Homes physically shift over time. The forces of nature and gravity will slowly make their mark on a home. It’s typically not a significant concern and is barely perceptible to the eye. But it can pose a challenge for installers not used to working with older homes. These micromovements can distort the shape of a window opening, making it difficult to put in a new window properly.

In contrast, Torwin’s window and door installers have worked with different types of homes and are well-versed in the challenges involved with historic homes. We can ensure your window frames and entry doors are installed with skill and precision for optimal form and functionality.

An Experienced Touch

While drywall is standard for most homes these days, this wasn’t always the case. Before the 1940s, walls were finished with shiplap and plaster. Plaster walls do have some advantages, but they tend to be more delicate.

When it comes to replacement windows for historic homes, an inexperienced tradesperson can inadvertently damage the walls of older homes during the window removal process. Some impact to the surrounding plaster walls may be unavoidable, but a quality installer will know how to do the job with minimal damage and re-do the wall seamlessly once the window is in.

Older homes also tend to have weighted windows, which require an experienced hand to remove smoothly. And believe it or not, you might be surprised at what’s hiding in the walls once the windows are out! We’ve found mold, mildew, insects, and even old newspapers between the walls of older homes.

With Torwin, you can rest assured that all these unexpected surprises will be dealt with quickly and effectively. We’ll clean up the area and reinsulate as needed so you can enjoy energy saving with your energy-efficient windows in your historic home.

There are many advantages to new windows and exterior door replacements in historic homes. You can enjoy the conveniences of these modern fixtures – minimal upkeep, updated design, and top-notch energy efficiency. Contact us at Torwin for service and experience you can trust for your historical home.

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