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Home Renovation Trends to look out for in 2021

As tastes change, so too do home renovation trends. Styles that were once popular and chic have fallen to the wayside. What’s more, with the rise of a global pandemic, the priorities of many homeowners have drastically changed.

This constantly shifting landscape of design trends and styles is part of the reason you, as a homeowner, have got to stay on your toes when it comes to planning your next home renovation project.

Understanding what’s trending now can help you plan your project and hire the best team to help you achieve your goals. If you’re planning on starting a home remodel soon, keep these trends in mind as you plan.

Large, Energy-Efficient Windows are the Norm

With people spending more time at home recently, many are turning to projects that help brighten up their space. One common way of achieving this is with big, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient bay windows.

Bay and box bay windows allow for a ton of natural light while also making any space look bigger. New, high-tech, and efficient windows are available in a variety of materials and styles. That means you’ll be sure to find one that matches both your home and your unique tastes.

Once installed properly, windows like these not only improve your energy bills but also update your home’s design while also increasing its overall appeal.

Make Small Spaces Seem Bigger with a Knockout

The onset of COVID-19 has had a number of impacts on people spending more time at home. One of the biggest is that it has supercharged the drive to get those home reno permits they’ve been thinking about for years.

The opportunity – and need – to expand living spaces has arrived, and people are taking advantage! We’ve seen a significant rise in requests for knockouts to create patios, increase the size of small space, or knock down walls to add or expand windows or doors.

More Focus on Work-From-Home Spaces

With the recent turn towards working more from home, people have, in turn, decided to create more functional spaces.

There has been a huge effort to turn garages, basements, and outdoor structures into workable spaces, like home gyms, entertainment rooms, or, unsurprisingly, home office spaces. Is there an unused space in your home you could turn into something more practical?

A homeowner with a vision will never run out of home improvement projects!

But if you want your renovations to be both beautiful and functional, it’s not enough to simply follow the trends. You also must prepare properly by coming up with a realistic budget and hiring the best team to help. If you’re looking to upgrade your windows and doors this year, look no further than the Torwin Team!

Book your free consultation today, and let’s get started on your window or door replacement project now!