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Window Replacement 101: How to Choose the Best Replacement Windows

Window Replacement 101: How to Choose the Best Replacement Windows

Homeowners today have high standards for the look and feel of their homes. Replacing your windows is a great way to modernize your home visually and functionally. In this guide,  window replacement 101, we cover how to choose the best replacement windows.

Whether your priority is finding noise-reduction windows, energy-efficient ones or simply frames that match your style, here are a few things to consider.

Window Material

If you’ve never had to purchase windows in the past, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn you have more options than just metal and wood. Vinyl windows are top-rated because of their durability and affordable price point. And they don’t look like plastic—they can be molded to resemble almost any material, wood included. In addition, they’re low maintenance, stylish and highly energy efficient when installed properly.

Other popular options include aluminum and metal-clad windows. Aluminum windows are strong and can withstand harsh weather conditions, although they will require more upkeep than vinyl frames. However, aluminum is well suited for custom window sizing and non-standard shapes.

Metal-clad frames are made of wood, with an aluminum wrap on the outside, which combines the best of both materials! These windows are weather-resistant, strong, and energy-efficient while allowing you to enjoy the look of traditional wooden frames in the interior of your home.

Glass Types

Not all glass types are the same! To further optimize your windows for your home and lifestyle, you can select from several high-performing glass options.

At Torwin, we offer several types of Low Emissivity (LoE) glass. LoE glass has a clear coating that helps keep external heat energy out while keeping interior heat energy in. Some offer all-season comfort, while others prioritize heat retention. Speak to us to determine which glass combinations work best for your home.

For those who live on busy streets or lively neighbourhoods, laminated glass can help block noise, so your home remains a peaceful refuge from the outside world.

For more noise reduction, windows can be installed with triple-paned glass to add an extra blocking layer between your home and the outside while providing further insulative properties. We can suggest noise reduction doors or tips to help block sound coming through your existing doors as well!

Appearance and Operation

Will your windows open? If so, will they swing out or slide? Do you want them to open from one sash or two? These are only a sampling of the questions you’ll have to ask yourself when choosing the right windows for your home.

The good news is, you don’t have to stick with one kind! Perhaps you have a room best served with a large picture window that doesn’t open and others that require maximum ventilation with casements. Maybe you’d prefer sliding windows in the hallways but awning windows in your kitchen.

After an initial consultation, we can guide you to some great options that will work well in your home.

It can be overwhelming to decide if you have a large home or one with many windows. Contact us at Torwin for professional guidance and advice you can trust when replacing your windows.