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How to Pick the Perfect Casement Window

Are you considering upgrading to new, energy-efficient doors and windows? Then, you’ve come to the right place. At Torwin, we have years of experience, and we can give you insight into what will work best for your home.

So, let’s start with an introduction to casement windows.

Casement windows can make a fabulous addition to any home, including yours! They are great for letting in light and fresh air, not to mention the incredible views they can provide!

If you’re looking to replace a few or even all of your home’s windows with casement windows, there are a few things to keep in mind. You’ll want to consider their properties, the material used, and their level of energy efficiency.

Why Casement Windows?

Bright and Wide Openings

If you’re trying to choose between several types of windows, you might wonder whether casements will suit your home. Of course, they’re stylish and easy to operate. But what sets them apart is their opening capabilities.

Casement windows are perfect if you love wide-open windows, fresh air, and hearing nature outside your home. No other window type can open as wide.

These outward-opening windows also save on interior space and help direct airflow into your home—you won’t need to allow for clearance around it for proper operation.

Safe and Secure

Yes, casement windows can open wide, up to 90 degrees from the frame. But surprisingly, they’re still quite secure. With the locking mechanisms embedded within the frame and the opening crank on the interior, it’s not easy to open a casement window from the outside.

You can also maximize their security by adding additional locks or using shatterproof glass—speak to us if you’re interested in installing these other safety measures.

Mix and Matchable

Casement windows complement other window types quite well. As beautiful as casements are, most homeowners rely on more than one kind of window to accommodate the different needs of their homes.

For example, casement windows are not compatible with window AC units. And casements have a size limitation —they may not work with oversized window styles (we can help advise if you’re unsure).

The good news is, if you go with casements, you don’t have to worry about how they’ll look with the other windows in your home. At Torwin, we can help you select window styles that work well together and look intentional, not mismatched.

Casement Window Material Options


Thirty years ago, vinyl had a bad reputation, but technological improvements have made it one of the best choices today. Today, vinyl is the most cost-effective option and provides excellent insulation against the elements.

In addition, many homeowners love how vinyl is low maintenance. In general, if you keep the frames and glass clean, they’ll function optimally for years without issues. Regular dusting and a wipe-down with warm, soapy water is sufficient for most vinyl windows.

What’s more, the classic look fits the style of almost every home. And you’re not limited to a couple of standard colours—vinyl frames come in various shades and hues to blend in or stand out, depending on your tastes and preferences.


Aluminum casement window frames are designed to be highly energy-efficient thanks to an extruded aluminum profile interior and exterior, connected to an insulated core between window panes.

This design was originally created for commercial high-rise buildings and provides excellent protection against wind and rain. And 100% of the material is recyclable or reusable, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

Aluminum’s final advantage comes from its structural versatility. Aluminum frames are available in many configurations, allowing for large windows, continuous frames, and even modular construction. In addition, much like their vinyl counterparts, you can choose aluminum frames in a variety of colors and finishes.

Vinyl & Aluminum Clad

Wood is an excellent build material for casement window frames. The main advantage of wood is that it resists conducting heat and moisture better than other materials. It also projects a traditional, upscale look popular with many homeowners.

For most, the main concern with wood frame windows is maintenance. For that reason, the most popular wood options come with a vinyl or aluminum coating. Thanks to this “cladding” you get a long-lasting product that marries the best properties of both materials.

And believe it or not, many manufacturers make vinyl and aluminum frames that mimic the look of wood too! So, if you love the style of solid wooden frames but are hesitant to commit due to the cost and maintenance required, you’re in luck! Speak to one of our reps—we can show you how similar these options can look to natural wood.

Casement Windows Have Energy-Efficient Properties

Many casement windows are energy efficient. With more than one glass pane, the space between the glass is filled with argon gas. This creates an extra layer of protection against the elements.

You can also request custom window coatings that can help improve your windows’ energy efficiency. Today’s state-of-the-art coatings have been designed to reduce the UV and heat that can pass through the treated glass while allowing natural light in.

Energy-efficient windows help to lower your home’s energy consumption by maintaining a comfortable interior climate.

Casement windows have been a popular choice for homeowners for around 100 years. Over the decades, as technology has improved, these classic, crank-controlled windows have remained the perfect addition to modern architecture.

Their ease of use, decorative quality, high performance, and easy maintenance help them to truly transform any home.

Whether you’re still deciding to replace your current fixtures with energy-efficient doors and windows or are committed to installing new casement windows, it’s time to call the Torwin Team!

If you want to save on energy, doors and windows are where to start. We can help walk you through the decision process for a result you can’t believe you ever lived without. Book your free consultation today and start enjoying your new windows sooner!


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