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How to Choose Patio Doors for Your Home

Everyone looks forward to the days of spring! After months of cold weather, snow and slush, warmer temperatures and sunny days are a welcome change. For homeowners, it’s an opportunity to do a bit of spring cleaning and get their outdoor spaces ready for the summer months.

Aside from brushing off your deck, wiping down your lawn chairs and testing out the BBQ, new and modern patio doors are a great way to upgrade your outdoor experience. If your current ones are rusty, squeaky, damaged, or have seen better days, the perfect time to replace them is right before the summer months.

Here are a few types of patio doors and when each will work best for you.

Sliding Doors

Practical, stylish and great for small spaces, sliding doors are popular in many homes. The sliding mechanism means no clearance is needed on either side of the doors to work properly, so they can fit pretty much anywhere. Sliding patio doors also tend to incorporate large panes of glass, letting in lots of natural light and making your living space look larger and more expansive.

These doors are usually the most budget-friendly, but that doesn’t mean they’re short on style! They lend themselves well to the sleek, minimalist look currently on trend and come in several colours to suit your home.

Garden Doors

This type of door swings open like your traditional exterior or interior door. They are a striking addition to any home and come in various colours and designs. While the glass panes can be smaller on these doors (they tend to incorporate grilles), they still let in plenty of light to brighten your interiors. When fully open, garden doors provide excellent ventilation but do require clearance – they may not work best for a tight, small or obstructed yard.

Folding Doors

A luxe showstopper option that will wow your guests, folding doors make for a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor space. Imagine your living room virtually doubling in size to include your deck area or enjoying an alfresco dining experience at your kitchen table. Folding doors can make your indoor space more fun and functional during summer. They can be an investment, but they are very popular with homeowners and can increase the resale value of your home. Like garden doors, they need a bit of clearance to operate properly, but most people who choose folding doors find it’s well worth it for their benefits.

Installing new, modern patio doors is a quick project that can improve your home’s liveability, style, functionality and energy efficiency! Patio doors see a lot of use, and older ones are often outdated and worn. A new set of doors can help you make the most of your outdoor space this summer! If you’re unsure where to start or how to choose the right patio doors for your home, contact us at Torwin for a free consultation!


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