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Increase Natural Light and Ventilation with New Windows and Doors

Natural light is a big selling point for homes. Bright and cheery always wins out over dark and dreary. Light has a way of making even small spaces seem more extensive and more inviting.

And nothing feels better than throwing open your windows that first warm spring day, with a comfortable breeze to refresh your home and chase away that stale, musty feeling.

If you want your home to feel fresh and ventilated, a strategic selection of windows, doors, and home styling can help you achieve this.

Quick fixes

Before you get started on replacing your windows and doors, consider repainting your darker rooms in a lighter, glossier shade. Whites, creams, and ivories are go-tos for homeowners when staging their homes for sale, and for good reason. The pale, neutral hues make smaller rooms look more expansive and bright since paints with glossier finishes also help reflect light.

Improving your home’s ventilation

Sometimes, a room needs more than just cosmetic touches. You can play up the light you have in a particular area, but better ventilation requires some remodelling on your end.

For starters, switching up your static windows with new replacement windows that are operable will allow you to let in fresh air whenever you please. You can choose a model with a screen so you won’t have to worry about insects or pests coming in whenever you leave them open.

You may feel awkward about leaving your front door fully open, but opt for a venting unit, and it’s no longer a problem! Essentially an operable window within your door slab, this is a unique and practical way to get more air in your entryway. And if you’re familiar with screens for your patio doors, but want to maximize airflow in your home, you can also install them for your main entry!

Improving your home’s lighting

The larger the windows, the better the lighting! Small windows with thick frames might not be doing your home justice. We recommend models with thin frames and uninterrupted panes of smooth glass for a beautiful, minimal look.

For a more dramatic change, a knockout project might be just what you’re looking for. After assessing your home and the affected walls for suitability, we can enlarge your existing window openings to blur the boundaries between the inside and the outside!

Many homeowners have been asking for floor-to-ceiling type windows for visual impact. You may also want to consider installing bay or bow windows. Because they protrude from the home, these windows let more light in with their increased glass surface area compared to a similar-sized flat window. And if you’re interested in a new door replacement, choose one with glazing or sidelites to illuminate your entry.

If natural light and improved ventilation are priorities for your home, upgrading with new windows and doors can go a long way. At Torwin, we can help you choose the best models for your home. Reach out to us to learn more!

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