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Maximizing Home Security: Door and Window Replacements

Break-ins and theft are nightmares for homeowners. When your home has been breached, you’ll naturally experience anxiety and worry even after replacing your belongings and fixing the damage. It can be a long time before you feel safe again.

You can prevent these types of incidents from happening in the first place by choosing doors and windows that provide you with the level of home security you need.

Here are a few security features you should be looking for if you’re looking to replace your windows and doors.

Security – Window Replacements

If you choose operable windows, they will usually have a locking mechanism. For casement and awning windows (the type that swings open along one edge), look out for ones that incorporate multipoint locks. This locking mechanism triggers several lock points along the window, keeping them from being easily pried open (compared to window models that only lock at one spot).

At Torwin, multipoint locks come standard with our vinyl casement and awning window options, so you can be sure that whatever model you love will be practical and secure.

Not sure if casement or awning windows are suitable for your home? Our hung and sliding windows have an automatic locking feature, which means as long as it is in the closed position, your window is locked—convenient and simple! You won’t be second-guessing yourself on vacation with these windows holding down the fort.

Security – Patio Doors

Want to make sure your patio doors are extra safe? Our sliding models also come standard with a multipoint lock to give you an extra layer of security. Also, because patio doors sometimes represent a point of vulnerability in a home, we’ve incorporated an additional “kick lock” at the bottom of the doors. If either the kick lock or the standard lock is activated, the doors will not open.

And if you have small children in your home, you can opt for an extra lock at the top of the door, out of reach from little hands. This way, you can be sure they won’t accidentally unlock the door without your knowledge—necessary for home security and their safety, particularly if you have hazards like a pool or a raised deck in your backyard.

Security – Door Replacements

For a fully secure home, put your trust in a strong, reliable front door. We recommend our steel and fiberglass doors for homeowners who prioritize security. For starters, they’re solid and resistant, with multipoint locks like our other products.

They also close and lock with a steel bolt—when engaged, the deadbolt rests within steel, not wood, reinforcing the lock rail and making it difficult to force open without the key. Steel and fiberglass doors are also known for their strength—the material isn’t easily compromised and won’t warp, weaken or bend.

Don’t neglect to consider the security of your windows and doors when looking to replace your old fixtures. Speak to us at Torwin for personalized advice and recommendations for secure door and window replacements that match your needs and home!

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