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New Technology in Doors and Windows

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably take your windows and doors for granted. If they’re functional and get the job done without any issues, you don’t think about them.

In fact, window and door technology has changed a lot over the last several decades. Advances in construction materials, thermal properties, manufacturing processes, and even design and engineering techniques have significantly changed the window and door landscape! As a result, even a basic model by today’s standards is light-years ahead of those from just a few short decades ago.

If you’re in the market for window and door replacement, learn about the latest window and door technology—you might be surprised at how far we’ve come.

Patio Doors

Do your patio doors need an update? We have a beautiful selection of modern and functional patio doors utilizing the latest technology. You’re bound to find one that fits your needs.


Make a statement with simplicity! Urbania patio doors offer unrivaled energy efficiency with clean, simple lines and a large glass window surface (source) to let in light. Their design pairs well with contemporary handles and will blend well with your home’s style.

What’s more, Urbana doors have innovative thermal breaks and weather-stripping for maximum comfort and energy efficiency. Durability is guaranteed, thanks to an all-aluminum frame.


Extend your living space outdoors with Loft patio doors (source)! Keep your air conditioning bills low in early summer by simply opening up these doors to let the fresh air circulate.

The easy-to-operate lift mechanism makes the large panels easy to slide while creating an airtight seal when they are closed. This two-panel configuration is the definition of a contemporary lifestyle and beautiful atmosphere.

You can rest assured that the loft patio door from Novatech is safe, sturdy, energy-efficient, and easy to use.

Steel Entry Doors

A popular option for exterior doors, steel entry doors are strong, secure, and low maintenance— perfect for many homeowners!


The elevation entry door provides a unique venting unit that is easy to use and offers unmatched decorative designs (source). And thanks to a counterweight system, the pane window requires minimal effort to use for safer control.

With a wide selection of styles, you’ll find a match for your home and taste!

Mini Blind

These integrated aluminum mini blinds are a time-honored and tested classic (source). Brighten up your space during the day or drop the shades for privacy at a moment’s notice – the choice is yours!

Mini blinds are available in two colors to suit any decor style.

Shaker Panels

Shaker panel doors have been a mainstay for years—and there’s no question why. They’re beautiful and versatile – doors that will look good for years to come.

Novatech’s Soho shaker panel door features a four-panel design popular in today’s architecture and style (source). It’s a style well suited for contemporary and natural home styles.

Fiberglass Doors

When it comes to fiberglass replacement doors, the sky is the limit (source)!

Thanks in no small part to the versatility of the material, there are always new grains, stains, multi-point locks, as well as options for styles being released.

Choose from styles including:

  • Modern
  • Grand
  • Shaker
  • Classic


Door hardware is more than just how you open and secures a space—it’s part of the room’s design and style (source)!

Each hardware order is custom assembled – this means there are no predetermined combinations of knobs, levers, rosettes, and finishes. Instead, you have the flexibility to mix and match based on your tastes and the style of your home. Not aesthetically inclined? We can help you choose based on your home’s design and door type to ensure everything looks great.


Doors are only part of the story! Replacing old windows is almost always a great idea. (source). New windows bring a ton of advantages, including more natural light, better views, and of course, lower energy costs. Look for models that incorporate the latest in-home window technology – the cost savings in your energy bills alone will make them an attractive option, not to mention the updated styling and design.

Some new trends for replacement windows include:

  • Painting the interior a darker color, such as black, to make the view pop
  • A stylish new trend that’s easy to do, choosing a dark shade for your window interior provides a greater contrast between the walls, the outdoors, and the window.
  • Since it’s just painted, it’s a project that doesn’t require a considerable investment of time, and you can easily change the color again in the future
  • Upgrading your hardware. Popular options include black, oil-rubbed bronze, and satin nickel.
  • You can choose to match the hardware to your windows for a consistent, cohesive look or select a different colour to make a statement
  • If your current windows are in good shape, you may be able to source the right handles and pulls from a hardware store for a quick upgrade. But if you’re looking at replacing hardware that serves a mechanical function, like levers and cranks, it’s worth consulting with a window specialist first. This way, you can see if you might be better off putting your money towards replacing them altogether.

Have you considered changing up the style of your windows? We’ve got many types, including:

Each option offers its own stylistic and energy-efficient window technologies.

Modern Window Innovations

Are you curious about the latest home window technology—the type of innovations on the cutting edge? Aside from improved functionality and better energy efficiency, these window technologies involve responsive automation and increased security. You can incorporate some of these helpful features into your home right away, even if you don’t need to replace your windows in the short term.

Glass break sensor

These smart home devices can be installed throughout your home and detect glass breaking from up to 25 feet away. If the sensor picks up unusual activity, you’ll receive an alert on your smartphone so you can investigate and take appropriate action. They’re inexpensive and give you the peace of mind of improved security in your home.

Auto-darkening windows

Think Transition lenses, but for your windows! These high-tech panes darken and lighten in response to changes in temperature or brightness. These windows do not require electricity to operate, and their responsiveness can significantly reduce your energy bills. They’re also a convenient option that can make your home experience more enjoyable. There’s no need to fiddle with shades or curtains at different times of the day—the window will automatically let in the optimal amount of light.

Robotic window cleaners

If you like your robot vacuum, you’ll love robotic window cleaners! These fun gadgets attach to your windows, releasing a cleaning solution across the glass and buffing the surface to a high shine. Prices vary—we can offer recommendations appropriate for your window type and work for your budget.

Bird-friendly windows

Did you know that window collision can kill up to 42 million birds a year in Canada? Simply put, birds have difficulty seeing large glass panes, like those on patio doors or very big windows. If this is a concern for you, we suggest opting for energy-efficient glass with at least 3 layers of Low-E (short for low-emissivity) coating, which makes it more visible to birds. This film filters out infrared and UV light while maximizing the natural light that passes through the glass. Unfortunately, just one layer of Low-E creates a reflective surface that birds may not detect until it’s too late. You can also apply decals or opt for a design on the glass to serve the same purpose.

If you’re looking to upgrade your window or door technology, book a free consultation with Torwin Windows and Doors today! We’ve got answers to all your questions and a product to match your tastes. So call us today and get started on your next home improvement project the right way.