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Out with the old, in with the new: Replacement windows and doors

Is it time for replacement windows and doors? Sometimes the answer isn’t always obvious—these fixtures aren’t top of mind unless there’s a major issue, like broken glass or cracks in the frame. And it’s true that they’re often an investment—you’d rarely change your windows and doors on an impulse like you would with throw cushions or curtains. But this question is worth some careful consideration.

Replacement windows and doors can bring you more joy and satisfaction from your home-owning experience and could be just what you need to make your house more comfortable and appealing, inside and out.


Broken windows and cracks are obvious, but you might be surprised at how often homeowners gloss over these problems. Not only is this type of damage a visual turnoff, but they also impact your experience at home. Insects can come in through cracks and holes, causing further problems. It’ll also cost you more to heat and cool your house when air can escape through the windows and doors.

A trustworthy doors and windows company will help you assess the situation. Sometimes, you may not even be aware of any damage these fixtures have sustained over time and repeated use.


Is it hard to operate your windows and doors? Do the hinges stick? If so, it may be time to look into replacement windows and doors. Ideally, your current fixtures should be easy to open and close, with mechanisms that glide smoothly and require minimal force.

For maximum energy efficiency, your windows and doors should also seal tightly, preventing air exchange between the inside and the outside. Moisture between the glass panels is often a giveaway that the seal has been broken somewhere, which can lead to mold issues with your windows.

New windows and doors have upgraded hardware and are designed for easy operation. For added upgrades, ask us about options like built-in blinds or self-darkening windows, which can add to the turnkey functionality of your home.


You’re not the same person you were ten years ago. Looking back at our photo albums, many of us cringe seeing our fashion choices and haircuts. But we’ve evolved—hopefully for the better—and our preferences have changed too!

You’ve likely updated your home’s decor over the years, and it’s time your windows and doors got a turn to keep up with the times. If they’ve been around for a decade or more, they’ve probably sustained some damage that will impact functionality. Even if your older fixtures are in perfect condition, you’d still benefit from newer, high-quality models that are Energy Star certified. And new windows and doors make an immediate visual impact, even if it’s the only upgrade you make to your home.


Do your windows and doors need an update? Reach out to Torwin—one of the GTA’s most trusted window companies—for a consultation to discuss your needs.