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The New World of Front Entry Doors

Perhaps the simplest way to update the look of your home, while also improving its value, is to make a great first impression. The easiest way to do that is by changing up your front entry door!

Get inspired to increase your home’s curb appeal with this selection of the latest front door trends and ideas.

Wider Entrance Doors

Entrance doors with bigger, more prominent footprints are becoming increasingly popular. What’s more, these wide doors offer a whole new set of design ideas and looks.

Doors can be made wider in a few ways:

  • The entire structure, including sidelights, can be widened.
  • The door itself can be made bigger.
  • You might also consider a double-door design.

Wider doors not only grab attention, but they also offer more functionality as well! A wider frame means more space to bring things into and out of your home.

From an aesthetics perspective, wide doors also change the way people see your home by offering a literal visual expansion of your entryway.

Fiberglass & Steel Entry Doors

While wood frames are the most traditional and time-tested material, today, the low maintenance of fiberglass and steel entry doors is preferred. Fiberglass is a fantastic alternative as it is less expensive, more durable, and can be painted or stained to mimic wood.

On the other hand, steel doors also offer some advantages. For example, Steel entry doors are stronger and lighter, while also providing excellent energy efficiency.

Darker Colours & Natural Wood Stains

Exterior doors with bright colours that pop, like teal, red, or yellow, have been popular for some time now. However, current trends are moving towards darker, moodier colours, like dark blues, purples, and charcoal.

Another popular option is to use the classic look of wood stain. No matter the type of door, or the material used, natural wood stain is always a classic option.

Add Glass Inserts to the Door

One of the fastest-growing front door trends is undoubtedly oversized glass inserts for exterior doors. Adding glass to your front door can help to create a bright and open feel by allowing a lot of natural light in.

Of course, there’s more than one way to achieve this. Consider these different approaches to adding windows to your front entry door.:

  • Add sidelights.
  • Try a transom above the door. Custom shapes are available.
  • For a more modern and creative look, add unique shapes to the door itself.

These four trends are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to modern front door fashion and design. Many homeowners are also adding custom hardware and smart home features to their front doors to make sure their home has the best protection and security they need.

If you are planning on upgrading your front entry door in the near future, contact Torwin Windows & Doors for a free consultation today!  The Torwin Team is always ready to answer questions about current trends and help you explore your options.


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