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Privacy and Security: Front Doors for your Home

Your front door acts as the main entry point to your home. Most homeowners, especially those with families, want to ensure their homes are safe and secure, and gravitate towards front door options to help maintain their peace of mind.

After all, your home is a sanctuary and place of refuge where you rest, relax and let your guard down. Let’s keep it that way with a secure front door.

Here are a few factors to consider.

Best Front Doors for Security

We recommend a solid slab door without glass inserts for clients looking for a high degree of door security. Steel is a solid option for safe doors, as this material is strong and resistant, whether against natural wear and tear, the elements, or intentional damage.

Natural light is often touted as a must-have in homes, but the truth is that many houses don’t necessarily require windows or extra illumination in their entryway. Having glass as part of your door doesn’t necessarily put you at risk, but it can represent a vulnerability that can potentially be tested or exploited.

Some clients may choose to remove their sidelights and install an oversized door instead. While you might consider a double door for the added drama, if you’re interested in maximizing safety, it’s best to stick with a single door as it locks into the home’s structure. Conversely, double doors lock into each other and can be forced open with less effort.

For an extra layer of protection, we recommend selecting a door with multipoint locks. Instead of your typical door, which is secured by a single deadbolt, multipoint locks engage at several points along the door, making it more difficult for an intruder to enter. Multipoint lock doors open with a key and are no harder to operate than a door with a deadbolt.

Through our consultation process, we can assess your current entry and advise on what products will work best for your preferences and home.

Glass for Front Door Privacy

If you like the look and functionality of glass in your front entryway, you can still opt for choices that will preserve your privacy. For example, frosted or decorative glass will prevent people from looking into your home while walking by. You can choose to apply a privacy film to clear glass for the same effect or request tinted glass for some mild distortion. These options will still allow light through, so you can continue enjoying a brightened front foyer.

We also have a variety of glass packages for your door inserts and sidelights. You can select glass types to enhance the security of your home. Laminated or tempered glass types are more challenging to break and could be a good choice for your door.

Many variables are involved when choosing a new front door, from design to functionality. If you’re looking to improve the privacy and security of your home, connect with us at Torwin. We will review your specifications and help you decide on a product that fits your needs.

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