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Step-by-Step Process of a Door and Window Replacement Project

Homeowners love to put their personal touch on their homes. From design and decor to layout, it’s satisfying to make a space your own by incorporating colours and elements you love rather than settling for builder-grade fixtures or whatever the last owner left behind.

That’s exactly what Markham homeowners Richard and Jennifer had in mind. They had started a full home remodel and were beginning to consider what they’d like for their window and door replacement work.

Their designer recommended Torwin for a quality, full-service installation with a large selection of standard and custom replacement windows and doors they could choose from.

The Consultation and Selection Process

Our sales and design consultant, Tony, made a site visit so we could get a better understanding of what they were looking for in replacement windows and doors and provide recommendations that would work based on their preferences.

Richard and Jennifer were discerning customers who wanted the best for their home, as they should! We were able to share a portfolio of projects we had completed nearby, so they could see firsthand the type of work we do. Afterwards, they visited our showroom with their designer to see and interact with our products before making a final decision.

The Installation Process

We were ready to get started once all the design decisions were made and the contracts signed.

Our crew chief made a site visit to confirm final measurements and walk Richard and Jennifer through the installation process unfolding over the next few days. They had requested custom work with an oversized patio door and a bay window conversion.

We make sure our clients understand the steps and specs involved with their project – it puts their minds at ease and helps reduce questions and confusion during the process.

As with any job, we faced some challenges, but nothing that caught our experienced team off-guard. To enlarge their patio doors, the clients had to arrange to move the plumbing and electrical components that were in the portions of the wall we’d knock out. And once we completed the work, we needed to re-lay the brick in the new opening in a way that would look seamless and cohesive.

Tricky but par for the course for our staff installers, who have logged decades on the job and have worked on similar projects.

We also had to manage the logistics of installing operable doors behind their Juliette balconies, which required us to carefully bring the product into their home and install it from the inside since the doors were on an upper floor and inaccessible from the outside.

The End Product

White builder-grade windows come standard with most homes, so Richard and Jennifer did a complete 360. They went with premium black vinyl windows and black front doors, which blended beautifully with their existing black decorative shutters and dark garage door.

We also called upon our staff members, who were the most experienced with brickwork, to assist in enlarging their patio door opening and converting their bay window. The result: a striking and modern-looking home that’s the talk of the neighbourhood!

Are you interested in elevating your home with replacement windows and doors? Reach out to us at Torwin to get started!