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Home Renovation Trends to look out for in 2021

As tastes change, so too do home renovation trends. Styles once popular and chic have fallen to the wayside in favour of strikingly different looks. What’s more, after the pandemic, the priorities of many homeowners have drastically changed. As a result, even though restrictions are lifting and we’re returning to work, many of us still spend more time at home than before COVID.

Ultimately, as a homeowner, all that matters is what you love, but it’s not a bad idea to keep on top of the constantly shifting landscape of design trends and styles. This way, your next home renovation project will look fresh and modern, increase your home’s value and maximize your enjoyment of your space.

Understanding what’s trending now, particularly when it comes to replacement windows and doors, can help inform your plans for any project. Make sure to do some research and hire the best team to help you achieve your goals quickly and efficiently. If you’re considering starting a home remodel soon, keep these trends in mind as you plan.

Large, Energy-Efficient Windows are the Norm

With people spending more and more time at home, many are turning to projects that help brighten up their space and make it look bigger. One common way of achieving this is with big, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient bay windows.

Bay and box bay windows allow for a ton of natural light. The extra light can help a small, cramped room seem spacious and airy. In the past, large windows were known for their energy inefficiency. The oversized panes of glass allowed heat and cool air to escape from the home.

Now, new technology has improved the insulating qualities of modern windows, regardless of glass size. And you’re not limited to a few choices either. New, high-tech, and efficient windows are available in various materials and styles. That means you’ll be sure to find one that matches both your home and your unique tastes.

Once installed properly, windows like these improve your energy bills and update your home’s design while also increasing its overall appeal. Ask about the different colour and framing options available when selecting your windows.


With all the time we’ve been spending at home, it’s definitely been a motivator for us to get those home reno projects we’ve been thinking about for years.

The opportunity – and need – to expand living spaces has arrived, and people are taking advantage! We’ve seen a significant rise in requests for knockouts to create patios, increase the size of small spaces, or knock down walls to add or expand windows or doors. These projects often involve the need for replacement windows and doors – new ones that will fit and complement the room.

These are great – and creative – ways to make your current space work for your everyday needs. Instead of spending the time and money to move to a bigger home, you may find that these relatively small projects can significantly impact your lifestyle in the home you already own.

It’s a cliche but think outside the box! For example, you can add a new window in rooms like your kitchen or bathroom, where you may have relied on extensive electrical lighting. You may also be able to create a walkout door from your basement, giving you an additional entry point to your home, one with income potential if you decide to rent out your lower floor.

For these new additions, try a unique shape to make a statement. Curved or angled windows and doors are not often seen in traditional homes and will set yours apart, particularly if you choose an eye-catching colour or specialized trim work.


Many of us are transitioning to a hybrid office model, which means we still spend a significant amount of time working at home. Functional spaces are needed to accommodate our new work arrangements.

There has been a considerable effort to turn garages, basements, and outdoor structures into dual-purpose, highly functional spaces, like home gyms, entertainment rooms, and, yes, also, home office spaces. For example, playrooms can double as a learning and working space, with proper storage and a quality desk. Likewise, a large living room could be a de-facto workout space with some gym equipment that can fold down or stow away.

You may have an unused space in your home you could turn into something more practical or versatile. One option? Putting up a wall to section off that space with a door you can open and close depending on whether you need some extra privacy. An interior cutout window can keep your new room from feeling closed off.

A homeowner with a vision will never run out of home improvement projects! Your home can continually be improved, tweaked or changed, in one way or another, to match your shifting needs and interests. If your home already works well, a coat of paint in a different colour can refresh your space, along with some new furniture and accessories.

But if you want your renovations to be beautiful and functional, it’s not enough to follow the trends. Make sure your plans are cohesive with the rest of your home and include a realistic budget. If you need to hire specialists, thoroughly vet them for dependability, experience and knowledge for the job you need done.

And if you’re looking for replacement windows and doors done right, look no further than the Torwin Team! We have an in-house team of carpenters, installers and designers with years of on-the-job experience to ensure your project goes off without a hitch.

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