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2023 Residential Door and Window Trends

With the new year come new trends in fashion, decor and design. If you’ve been mulling over a few reno projects for your home, you’ll likely be interested in what’s current in terms of styling. Even if you’re interested in a more classic, timeless look, subtle tweaks in size, shape and colour can make safe choices look current and fresh.

Considering a residential window replacement or some new doors for your home? Here are a few trends we anticipate for 2023

Black Windows and Doors

Already a favourite amongst tastemakers in the past year, black windows and doors are a trend that’s showing its longevity, and for good reason! Black is sleek, chic and looks oh-so-modern when used to accent a home. In addition, it’s bold and a bit offbeat, so your home will stand out from the others on your block—a solid choice for a residential window replacement project. If you’re curious but unsure, speak to our representatives to see the selection of black windows and doors available—some of our styles make a statement, while others blend in a bit more.

Smooth Panes of Glass

While there’ll always be a place for window grilles, many homeowners opt for large, clean panes of glass instead. This type of window allows for an uninterrupted view of the outdoors and lets in tons of natural light. Some might even choose to install a window wall—a large sheet of glass installed where a wall would be, creating the illusion of being outdoors. While this might be a bit extravagant for most homes, this window trend adapts well, no matter the setting. Minimalist window styles will fit in well with many home interiors and can be installed with the existing openings you have in your home.

Asymmetrical Window Divisions

Windows are typically divided symmetrically—cut in halves, thirds or fourths in a grid pattern. You could draw a line straight down the middle and both sides will mirror each other. However, a new trend is turning this design on its head with asymmetrical divisions. For example, the operable portion of a long, rectangular window might only take up a quarter of the glass, leaving the other three-quarters smooth and uninterrupted. It’s a surprising new look with a modern vibe.

Clean, Minimalist Doors

Are you seeing a pattern yet? Clean lines and simple styles promise to be popular in the year ahead, particularly for doors. Homeowners are opting for smooth, flat slabs in modern colours, rather than ornate trims. Many are also choosing understated textured glass styles, that run anywhere from three-quarters to the entire length of the door. Flat, sleek door moldings are also in—this trim design fits perfectly with the minimalist door trend that we’re describing. If you’re looking for a quick change that will make a big impact on your home’s exterior, this is it!

Trends can come and go quickly, so if you have a design feature you’re interested in, talk to us! Whatever you choose, rest assured that your windows and doors will be energy efficient and a joy to use!