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Selecting Energy-Efficient Windows in Toronto and the GTA

Some reno projects are done for aesthetics. New cabinets or bathroom vanities often fall into this category. The originals work just fine, but look dated and need a refresh. Others are done out of necessity. For example, most people don’t undertake roof repairs for the style factor. Window replacements are a unique type of reno project that marries form with function.

That’s why it’s essential to ensure you’re working with the right company. For example, Torwin carries a large selection of stylish windows that will immediately impact your energy bill when installed.

Grant Qualifying Windows

The right windows can be a significant investment. With the Canadian Greener Homes Grant, you can receive up to $325 for each qualifying energy-efficient window you choose for your home, which can stretch your reno budget further. However, if you’re just getting started, you might need help understanding the rules and regulations around the grant.

To make the process seamless and turnkey for our customers, Torwin has partnered with an energy auditing service to assist you. Once your audit is complete and you’re approved for a window replacement, we can guide you through the best energy-efficient windows for your home. And if you’ve already done your audit? We can get straight to the fun part: choosing windows!

Unlike other companies, we carry an extensive selection of energy-efficient windows that qualify for the grant, so you know you’ll save with the rebate and on your bills once installed. Many of our customers ask about Energy Star ratings to get the most efficient windows for their homes.

While you may be able to get cheaper windows if you don’t prioritize energy efficiency, you won’t receive a rebate, and it’ll cost you in the form of your monthly heating and cooling costs.

Energy-Efficient Style

While every client is different, there’s no question that we’re seeing consistent trends toward bolder, angular windows in striking colours and sharp designs. The curves are out. Large, flat picture windows, in minimal black frames, are in. In some cases, customers are even opting out of operable windows, choosing fixed windows with large panes of glass.

To stay ahead of changing customer tastes, we’ve started offering a premium selection of fiberglass windows that can accommodate these attributes. For those who want oversized glass panes with thin frames, our fiberglass options are engineered for maximum strength, durability, and performance.

Want your new windows to reflect the latest styles and trends? Let us help you choose the best designs to suit your home.

The Torwin Touch

At Torwin, we pride ourselves on offering the best customer service. So if you’re interested in replacing your windows but are wary of the effort required to qualify for the Greener Homes Grant, we can help. From setting up the audit to assisting you in selecting qualifying windows for your home to submitting the paperwork, we’ve eliminated the hassle for countless homeowners, and we’re ready to help you too!

You don’t need to be an expert in choosing energy-efficient windows in Toronto! That’s what we’re here for. Reach out to Torwin today and get started.


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