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Tips for Windows and Doors Replacement Before Winter

As the temperatures fall, homeowners need to prepare their homes for the winter weather—basic maintenance to keep things in good shape. Your to-do list likely ranges from repairing the roof to cleaning the gutters, checking the furnace, and looking for leaks. If you’re getting started on winterizing your home, make sure you add your windows and doors replacement—you don’t want drafts in your home in the dead of winter.

Troubleshooting your Windows and Doors

With these simple tricks, you can discover whether you need to improve the insulation for your doors and windows in winter. You’ve probably already tried holding your hand near your door or window frame to check for cold air. If unsure, wet your hand first—it’ll make air and temperature changes easier to detect.

You can also try using the flame test. Grab a lit candle and guide it along (but not too close!) the seams of your doors and windows, tracing the outline. If you see the flame move, flicker, or go out, you’ll know there’s air leaking in that spot.

A visual assessment can help as well. Drafts often originate from holes, cracks, or damaged areas in your windows and doors—ones that are easy to spot if you’re looking for them.

Insulation Tips for Doors and Window in Winter

If you’re wondering how to seal your doors and windows for winter, it’s not too daunting. For maintenance or minor damage, you can manage the winter insulation for your doors and windows on your own.

Small holes or cracks can be filled in with caulk. If there’s no visible damage, you can still opt to re-caulk for maximum energy efficiency. Foam tape can help with any small spaces or gaps between your fixtures and their frames. Reapplying door sweeps and weatherstripping is also a good idea, especially if it’s been a few years since you’ve done so.

Aside from simply filling or blocking the gaps along the frames, window films can add another degree of insulation against heat loss. Applying it to your windows adds another layer to the pane, making it that much harder for heat to escape.

Windows and Doors Replacement for Winter

You may already know your windows and doors need more than a few cosmetic touch-ups. Maybe you already had trouble with them last winter, or they’re so old that weatherstripping and caulk won’t be enough. Then now’s the perfect time to start on that window and door replacement project you’ve been putting off. Don’t worry about the impact of replacing your windows and doors this late in the year. Our in-house team of contractors is committed to an efficient and effective installation process—most jobs only take a few days! As a result, you’ll have new, stylish windows with top-of-the-line energy efficiency properties, so you won’t have to worry about an increased heating bill this winter.

Let our expert reps help you—during the consultation process, we’ll have a staff member visit your home to assess your needs and help you accomplish your goals for this reno project. They’ll let you know what will work best for your home and lifestyle. So reach out to us and get started today!


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