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Top Front Door Styles for the Fashion-Forward Home

Dressing Your Entryway

Changing your personal style is usually as simple as slipping on a different outfit. But with your home, changing the style can be a bit more complicated.

That said, there is one “accessory” that you can change to give your home a whole new look – your front door. And with all the front door styles and designs available today, you’re sure to find the perfect entry door – tailor-made for your taste. What’s more, each style offers a range of door materials, with steel, fiberglass, and wooden door options.

Take a peek at some of this season’s hottest styles!


Traditional entryway doors offer a more classic look. This style of door may feature raised panels or glass inserts with wrought iron or decorative glass. Traditional doors come in a range of materials, from steel and wood, to fiberglass doors. Each of which come pre-hung and completely ready to be installed.

Traditional entryway doors are great for achieving that special, distinguished design. What’s more, traditional doors are perfect for homes with irregular door opening sizes.


Craftsman doors offer a fresh style and have been gaining popularity fast! This style of exterior door is commonly associated with craftsman architecture, like that found in cottages and cabins. But it’s now found in many styles of home.

Craftsman doors are defined by a rectangular glass panel at the top, and may include two or three shaker style panels across the bottom.


Modern, or contemporary style doors have also enjoyed a boost in popularity recently. This style of door uses a lot of straight lines, but does so in a way that makes them unique from Craftsman doors. Modern doors tend to be minimalist in style, yet larger in size. These are often steel doors with a large, rectangular pane of glass.

That said, this style of door likely has the most options. Manufacturers continue to create a wide variety of interesting modern door designs!


The look and feel of a rustic front door is meant to bring that old-world quality to mind. These doors work best in homes that feature a lot of natural materials, like wood, stone, or exposed brick. This style of door is usually large, sturdy, and made of fiberglass – which offers great energy efficiency. Due to their size, rustic doors are usually built with bulky and over-sized hardware.


Maybe your home doesn’t quite fit into any of these categories. Not quite traditional, not quite modern, transitional homes mix popular deigns to create something truly special. In keeping with this, transitional doors add modern details to traditional door designs. An example might include simple panels with uniquely detailed windows and classic hardware.

With so many door styles to choose from, finding the right look for your home can be as hard as deciding on an outfit for yourself. But there’s no easier ways to boost your home’s curb appeal! When you’re ready for some fashion tips for your front door, request a free quote from Torwin Windows & Doors!