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Custom Windows and Doors: How Torwin’s Unique Approach Transforms Homes

Today’s homeowner is design-focused, with renovations done not just out of necessity but a desire to update their living space into something cohesive with their style.

With print publications falling out of favour, many people turn to social media to get style inspiration, making the entire process more democratic. No longer are you limited to the recommendations from a handful of interior design experts—you can now source an item with the specifications you’re looking for.

At Torwin, we understand this modern sensibility. Our products are made to order—there are no pre-built, off-the-shelf options. You can customize every aspect of your future window or door so you can build your desired fixture from the ground up.

Torwin: Where Design and Function Work in Tandem

As a design-led firm, we do more than introduce you to the types of windows and doors available. We work with you to create something perfect for your home. The quality, functionality and energy efficiency of our products go without saying—we only carry top-of-the-line, premium items.

But we can do better than just usability. Torwin offers a more bespoke experience to provide luxury, custom windows and doors at an accessible price point.

Can Windows Be Custom-Made

Absolutely! Our detailed consultation process can include an on-site visit to your home so our professionals can check out the technical aspects involved. This way, we can make the best recommendations for you.

Our advice will be based on your budget and specifications and may include alternate plans you can consider, such as a different window shape or size. Everything from frame material, colour, glass type and design is up to you.

While we have samples in our showroom, we understand it might be difficult to mentally visualize what your custom modern windows will look like in your home. To help, we can provide mockups so you can compare your options and make an informed decision.

Custom Exterior Doors – Canada

It’s more than just a front door. We consider it a complete entry system and the focal point of your home’s exterior. Like with windows, we can design a custom entry door for you, allowing you full control of every detail, from colour to hardware to material used.

Have you always dreamed of custom front entry doors with glass? Let us know the shape, style and number of glass panels you have in mind. Thinking of oversized double doors? We’ll come by for a site visit and let you know how to make it happen. And you’ll get detailed recommendations and mockups to help you choose.

During the design process, we encourage our clients to think of their house as a whole—what would improve the overall livability of your home? Are there design elements you already have in place, and love? We tie in these factors in the products and functions we recommend—to help increase the natural light in your home, improve the airflow and moderate temperature fluctuations through custom windows and doors.

Interested in using our design and customization process to perfect your home’s windows and doors? Reach out to us and get started on your project!

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