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The Torwin Difference - Experts in Window and Door Installation

Our goal and mission is to be your go-to experts in window and door installation. So if you’re in the market for replacement windows and doors installation in Toronto and the GTA, the Torwin Team of experts is here to help!

Our reputation is well earned, with nearly 35 years serving the entire Greater Toronto Area and more than 70 years of combined experience. We’re driven to maintain it by bringing you the best customer service possible.

Dive in and see what makes the Torwin Difference!


First and foremost, all our installers work for Torwin full-time. That means we don’t use subcontractors, unlike many of our competitors. It’s more flexible for a company to hire workers on an as-needed basis. But it usually doesn’t guarantee the best quality work – temporary hires may not have the experience needed to do a good job. And they may rush an installation if they have other projects in the pipeline.

Experience and Performance

With the experienced employees of Torwin Windows & Doors on your job, you can be confident in the proper completion of your project. All our workers have the appropriate insurance, certificates and training. Where most companies’ installers have a few scant years of experience, our crew chiefs have at least ten years of experience.

With this extensive background comes confidence – we provide accurate time and budget estimates for all our jobs and will keep you informed of our progress and developments.

Quality of Work

We’ve intentionally chosen to hire full-time staff to handle our installation and carpentry work, to ensure our clients get the best possible service from our company. In fact, every single window or door replacement is completed by the Torwin Team, from start to finish. When they arrive at your home, they do so in Torwin trucks and represent us as a business on every job.

We know a proper installation will increase the longevity and performance of your windows and doors.

Post-Installation Service

We’re committed to your satisfaction! This means we want to hear from you if you have any questions or concerns after installation. We can troubleshoot any issues, suggest repairs or maintenance as needed and help you get the most out of your new windows and doors.

We want to be the last and only windows and door company you hire. And we’ll do it by making your entire experience turnkey and convenient.


While you could try a DIY installation for a new door, we’d recommend against it. Doors can be tricky to get right, especially when you’re not an expert. At Torwin, we have a large selection of doors at multiple price points- more options than you’d find at a generic big-box hardware store. We’ve curated our range for the best value, performance and style – doing the research, so you don’t have to.

Once you’ve chosen a door, our design experts can help you pick out the right colours and hardware to complement your home. Because we also make an on-site visit, we’ll be able to offer customized suggestions based on the specs of your project. If you’re not aesthetically inclined, this service can help ensure your choices work together to elevate the look of your house.

Our professionals have installed hundreds of doors, so you can rest assured that things will go smoothly on installation day. They have all the specialized tools needed to do the job right – maximizing your door’s energy efficiency and functionality. When we’re done, we’ll walk you through the use and upkeep of your new door.


Did you know that all our products are custom-made and premium quality (source)? That’s right! Everything from the front door and window replacements and interior finishes (source) are made to order to fit your home’s unique style.

We even take our materials above and beyond what’s standard for our industry. For example, many other companies offer medium-density fibreboard (or MDF) for the sills and trim of their window installations. Instead, Torwin offers real, primed and painted poplar wood products.

What’s more, Torwin offers a premium trim package, including bullnose sills, mullions, and backbands. So if you want the very best for your home in terms of style and quality, look no further.

And if you’re searching for something that will set you apart, we offer design services that can help you synthesize a look that’s definitely one of a kind! Tell us your vision, and we can work together to achieve it, whether through customizing an existing model or creating one from scratch.


Of course, the windows and doors themselves are the most critical component of your home improvement project. All our replacement windows and doors boast the newest energy-efficient technologies and feature the latest 2021 Energy Star certification (source).

The Torwin Difference means that you don’t have to worry about the product or the installation! Our team of experts, including our in-house installers, get it right the first time, saving you time, money and stress. The Torwin Team can simplify any installation project with our expertise, attention to detail, and ability to work on time and on budget.

What’s more, our wide selection of replacement windows and doors is sure to help with your energy costs and match your style and bring some curb appeal to your home with a fresh new look!

If your next home renovation project has you replacing windows or doors, contact the Torwin Team today to answer any questions you may have and get ready for some fantastic results!