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Trending Window and Door Replacements Ideas for Markham Homes

Some people might like to play it safe, but you’re not one of them! Your choices reflect the latest and the greatest—you prefer to keep up, not fall behind with the times.

If you’re looking for window and door replacements in Markham, and you’re the type of homeowner who likes to stay up to date with the trends, here are a few foolproof options that will work for any home.

Black Windows and Doors

For years, white was the standard, so the choice of black for replacement windows and doors will stand out on your street. It’s a striking, unexpected choice for many homes. The contrast of black windows and doors on homes with light or neutral exteriors makes an extra impact, although they can work well with various colours. Some homeowners have opted for black on the interior side of their windows and doors as well, and this versatile shade looks great with many popular paint colours. Today’s black window frames are generally sleek and minimalist, without extra embellishments, while the doors may incorporate more design elements, like patterned glass.

Flat Trim Moldings

Following the current preference for clean minimalism, many of our clients opt for the contemporary choice of flat moldings for their interior windows and doors. Instead of the usual sculpted trim, this type is just as the name suggests—flat and smooth. While they’re far from boring to begin with, you can opt for a choice with more visual interest, but you won’t find any curves or bumps on this type of molding—any lines will be crisp and angular. These moldings complement the trendy black window and door frames we mentioned above and work well with the Scandinavian design style that’s popular in many interiors today. It’s the perfect choice frame your window replacements in Markham.

Horizontal Grills

A long time ago, grills were incorporated into window designs for practical reasons: it allowed window makers to use smaller pieces of glass, which were more economical to produce and ship. Grills today serve a more decorative purpose, allowing you to add style and flavour to an otherwise standard window. Horizontal grills are having their moment in the spotlight. A bit of an unexpected touch (many of us are used to seeing the more conventional gridded pattern), they can make your windows look broader and more inviting. Grills can also add an element of security- a large, smooth pane of glass can potentially be a vulnerable point in your home.

All three of these modern options are versatile enough to work with a variety of different home styles and will keep your house looking fresh and new for years to come. If you’re interested in any of these trends but unsure how they’ll translate to your home, speak with one of our representatives! We can offer suggestions on how to incorporate these choices for a high quality windows and doors replacement project in Markham, to complement and elevate your space while increasing energy efficiency.