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Why Triple-Glazed Windows are a Great Choice for your Ontario Home

There’s a lot that goes into choosing new windows for your home. You’ll need to decide on both style and functionality.

Are there particular decorative elements you’re looking for? Are there colours that work well in your home? Do you want these windows to open and shut? And have you considered the glass package you’ll choose?

Torwin’s range of windows is fully customizable, including the glass. This means you can choose the colour, hardware, design, and glass to your preferences.

Double-pane windows are a standard choice, so you might wonder what advantages there are with an extra layer of glass. For a top-of-the-line choice, we recommend triple pane—the best windows for Canadian winters—and here’s why.

The Energy Efficiency

Also known as triple-glazed, this additional glass pane in a window acts as an extra barrier between your home’s interior and exterior. This keeps heat (or air conditioning) from escaping your home.

The sheets of glass also help modulate the temperature between the inner and the outer panes, reducing the likelihood of condensation.

Triple pane windows can also help optimize energy efficiency in your home with low-E coatings. These transparent coatings come in different grades to help regulate the light and heat (and filter out the UV) that passes through the glass.

Some low-E coatings will reduce the light and heat from entering your home, while others will maximize it. When low-E is applied to three layers of glass, it increases the performance of the fixture when compared to a similarly treated double-glazed window.

The Home Efficiency Rebate

Many homeowners considering a window replacement are interested in products that qualify for the Home Efficiency Rebate Plus (HER+) program offered through Enbridge.

Through HER+, you can receive up to $325 per qualifying energy-efficient window you install, helping offset costs and allowing your budget to stretch further for higher-end models.

Your windows are an investment that you’ll use in your home every day for years to come. Once you’ve factored in the rebate, you might just decide to opt for the higher-performing triple pane option for your comfort (and enjoy the reduced energy bills).

The Noise Reduction

It might be hard to find some peace and quiet if you live near a busy street or a lively neighbourhood. Triple-glazed windows are a great way to dampen the sounds of traffic or children playing outside.

The three layers of glass acts as a barrier to block sound waves, taking the edge off some of the sharpest and most disruptive noises while bringing down the volume of more moderate sounds. For example, the baby’s room, a home office, or a space facing a major road could all benefit from the noise reduction properties of a 3 pane window.

Whether you want triple-glazed windows or want to weigh your options and consider double panes as well, we can help! You’ll have an opportunity to handle both glass types in our showroom and look at our selection, which will help you choose the right windows.

Through our consultation process, we’ll engage with you to discover your priorities regarding functionality and provide a customized recommendation to fit your needs. Contact us at Torwin to learn more!

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