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Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors with the Canada Greener Homes Grants

Have you heard about the Canada Greener Homes Grant about Energy-Efficient Windows?

Recently announced by the federal government, Canadian homeowners are eligible to receive grants of up to $5,600 to help make their homes more energy-efficient.

But how does it work, who is eligible, and how do you sign up?

We’ve got all the answers right here:

Who is Eligible to Make their Home More Comfortable?

Homeowners across Canada are eligible, regardless of where they live. But only one homeowner per home can register, and the home must be their primary residence.

Those registering will be required to:

  • Provide proof of ownership with their tax bill number; and
  • Show that the home is their primary residence with a government-issued ID or a utility bill.

In addition to homeowners, Indigenous governments or organizations and housing management bodies and other representative or Indigenous service delivery organizations with formal partnerships with Indigenous governments or organizations are also eligible.

Property types that are eligible to have their energy performance improved include:

  • Single and semi-detached houses
  • Rowhouses
  • Townhomes
  • Mobile homes on a permanent foundation
  • Permanently moored floating homes
  • The residential portions of mixed-use buildings
  • Small multi-unit residential buildings of up to three stories and a footprint no larger than 600 square meters.

It is important to note that new homes are not eligible. Residences must be at least 6 months old, from the date of the occupancy of the first homeowner to be eligible for evaluation.

What Energy Cost Reducing Renovations are Eligible?

The Canada Greener Homes Grant is offering reimbursement on a variety of renovations that help reduce energy costs, including:

  • Windows and doors — Install energy-efficient windows or glass doors with ENERGY STAR® certified models.

How to Apply for the Grant and Start Seeing Lower Heating and Cooling Costs

If you live in Quebec or Nova Scotia, you’ll need to apply directly through your home province’s program to book your EnerGuide evaluation.

Homeowners in the rest of Canada should register directly through the Canada Greener Homes Grant initiative website (source).

How to Apply

  • Step 1: Register and book your pre-retrofit evaluation.
  • Step 2: Plan, document, and complete your renovations.
  • Step 3: Book your post-retrofit evaluation and apply for reimbursement.
  • Step 4: Confirm and receive your reimbursement.
  • Step 5: Enjoy your more energy-efficient home and the smaller energy bills that go with it!

Are you ready to get started replacing your old windows and doors with the latest technology? Is it finally time to tackle your home’s energy consumption and lower those utility costs?

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