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Custom Window and Door Designs: Upgrade Your Home’s Comfort and Style

If you have a fairly standard looking home, you may have wondered how you can add some drama to your home’s exterior. While you can replace the siding or landscape of your front yard, you may not have considered incorporating custom windows and doors.

Replacing your current fixtures with new windows and doors can increase your home’s energy efficiency while increasing its curb appeal and value.

Here’s what custom window and door design can do for you.

Providing Comfort Throughout Your Home

Do you have one room in your home that gets warmer than others? It can be hard to keep a consistent temperature throughout your home, just based on the direction of each room or the overall layout.

At Torwin, we can recommend specific models with different glass packages to achieve a level of comfort you might not have thought was possible in your home. By providing better temperature regulation, you’ll also have better energy efficiency in your home, resulting in lower heating and cooling costs – a win-win!

With the right combination of window style, size and features, you can customize and maximize the utility of every room in your home.

Changing the Facade of Your Home

There’s a lot you can do inside your home to make changes. From removing walls to replacing fixtures and flooring, the same house can look dramatically different once it’s been through a round of renovations.

You may not have as much flexibility with your home’s exterior. But you’re not necessarily forced to settle with what you have. Custom windows and doors can go a long way in upgrading a previously dated exterior.

Consider installing double entry doors, for example, for visual impact. And it’s practical too! Imagine not having to struggle through a narrow doorway with groceries, packages or furniture. If your current door is standard, we can come and assess your home and see if it’s a suitable candidate for an enlargement project.

We can also enlarge or reshape your window openings. Our experienced staff can turn a wall into a floor-to-ceiling window, a bay window into a picture window, or the other way around. If there’s an area or component of your home that you don’t love, tell us about it! We may be able to offer suggestions to make it your new favourite spot.

Accenting and Complementing Your Home

Our windows and doors come in various colours, styles and materials. Dark window frames and doors are trendy, and you might be pleasantly surprised at how much a simple hue change can lift your home. Sidelites, transom windows or glazing can also give an upscale look to your front door while allowing natural light into your entryway.

You have an endless number of options available to you. Custom window and door replacement can accommodate your exact preferences, and at Torwin, we can help walk you through your choices.

Interested in replacing your windows and doors? Don’t settle for standard, off-the-shelf products when you can have them custom designed to fit your home perfectly. Reach out to us for a complimentary consultation!