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What Should You Budget for Window and Door Replacement in Toronto?

Budgeting for a home upgrade can be challenging, and window and door replacement work is no exception. Before committing to a reno, you want to be sure it’s within your budget. So, of course, it’s important to know – how much will my door or window replacement cost?

The short answer is: it depends. So let’s take a closer look to learn about the factors that affect door and window replacement costs in Toronto.

The Type of Window or Door

The material you choose matters! For example, many homeowners choose vinyl windows. With various colours and finishes to choose from and solid energy-efficient performance, you won’t need to compromise even with the lower price point.

Fiberglass windows are a step up in both price and performance. You’ll have more options when it comes to window layout and design since they can support larger glass panes – important if you’re interested in the large flat windows that are currently trending.

Metal-clad is a premium, high-quality window choice that’s durable, and strong and they are wood on the interior a favorite with our clients.

Doors come in a similar range, from embossed steel panels and raised steel panels, which combines high performance and energy efficiency with an accessible price tag.

Fiberglass doors are more expensive but are highly damage resistant and secure, not to mention low maintenance. And, of course, wood is a high-end traditional choice that will never go out of style.

The Size of the Project

A job involving multiple, larger windows will cost more than one with fewer, smaller models.

The type of installation will make a difference as well. Retrofit installations preserve your window’s existing frame. Because you’re only replacing the interior unit, it’s a relatively quick job.

If you opt for a brick-to-brick installation, your entire window and the frame are removed from the wall, right down to the brick. This option is an investment in both time and money, but it allows you to maximize the size and shape of your windows. It also allows you to address missing insulation and rot or damage to your window frames.

Similarly, with doors, costs will depend on the style you choose and the quantity you want to replace – after all, your patio and back doors might be in need of an upgrade as well! Custom work will be pricier than standard options, and additional style features generally cost more than basic models.

The Complexity of the Project

Are you hoping to make significant changes or minor upgrades? Swapping your windows out for similar ones will cost less than converting a bay window to a flat one, for example, or creating a new window in a solid wall. In the same way, resizing your entry, altering its profile, or moving it to a new spot will require a more significant investment than a simple door replacement.

At Torwin, our expertise allows you to dream big for your window and door project. And there’s no need to settle. We can show you how to qualify for grants so your reno budget can go further. Reach out to learn more and get started! window replacement cost Toronto

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