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Why You Should Choose Low-Maintenance Doors and Windows

Many of us have jam-packed schedules keeping us busy and on our toes for most of our waking hours. With work, family and social obligations filling our time, it’s no wonder we look forward to our weekends so enthusiastically.

But as most homeowners know, there’s a lot to do on Saturdays and Sundays too, from mowing the lawns to raking the leaves, cleaning out the garage and keeping those eavestroughs clear. And that doesn’t include chores like laundry, meal prepping, and your kids’ events and parties. That’s why we almost always recommend choosing low-maintenance windows and doors for your home.

Save Yourself the Time

The work involved in maintaining a wood door, for example, is not inconsequential. You’ll need to keep it clean by using mild soap and watch for any damage that could negatively impact the door. You’ll have to schedule regular sandings to remove dirt and imperfections, resealing the door every year.

Cracks and water damage must be addressed immediately to prevent the problem from escalating. If you opted for a low-maintenance door instead (perhaps in modern fiberglass or steel), there’s almost no upkeep required. Strong, flexible, and resistant to the elements, there’s very little you’ll need to do once installed.

Save Yourself the Money

Maintenance can cost a bundle, whether it’s to keep your car running smoothly or your lawn lush and weed-free. With costs going up, it’s a good feeling when you’ve picked a quality window that looks amazing without having to spend money to keep it that way.

Vinyl and fiberglass windows are solid, practical options that come in various colours, designs and finishes. Keep them clean and their sliding tracks clear, and both options will last for decades with very little input or effort needed from you! You won’t need to invest in painting, refinishing or hiring someone to do these tasks for you.

One Less Thing to Worry About

We’re all juggling endless to-do lists in our heads, keeping track of deadlines, bills and events. Having maintenance-free windows and doors means you don’t have to think about them. You don’t need to keep a mental schedule to ensure you do the necessary upkeep. You won’t need to budget for supplies or worry whether you’ve chosen the right products to maintain your fixtures.

At Torwin, we’ll provide an owner’s guide once your low-maintenance windows and doors are installed, taking the guesswork out of an already simple process. And if you have any questions, you can easily reach out to us for solid answers you can trust.

While some homeowners have their hearts set on classic wood for their front door, it’s essential that they make an informed choice. As mentioned above, wood doors tend to require a lot of work and can be very expensive. However, for busy, on-the-go families, we have high-quality yet accessible options that can mimic wood or another finish that you desire.

Want to learn more about the low-maintenance door and window options available? Reach out to Torwin for more details!

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