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Window Replacement: Make An Upgrade With These Performance-Enhancing Features!

Once you’ve decided to replace your windows, it’s time to find the right model for your home. While you could stick with a standard or off-the-shelf option, this might be doing your home a disservice, especially if you’re unaware of all the customization options available.

Let’s talk about a few of the most popular and functional replacement window features you can incorporate into your windows.

Glass Packages

You can do better than basic glass. One of our deluxe replacement window options involves LoE glass, a coating that allows natural light into your home while reflecting UV rays out. The coating’s thickness and grade can be optimized to best suit the climate you’re in. Our LoE glass types are made specifically for Canadian temperatures and energy-efficient windows.

Your glass options don’t stop there. From tints to frosts, colours, stains and designs, you can choose from a range of glass styles to match your home and aesthetics.


If your windows open, they will have a series of mechanisms that allow you to control how wide they swing out, and locks to seal them closed. This is another area where you can put your personal touch—the hardware associated with your window. We’re all familiar with cranks and handles that creak or stick—ones that are almost impossible to pry open or those that barely seem to keep the window shut.

You deserve easy-to-use hardware for your new windows. Levers that glide, click and fold into place, requiring less force but still close securely. They come in various colours and finishes that look great and work even better.

Solar Bond Paint

Our replacement windows are designed to last! The proof? We use high-quality Solar Bond paint for our PVC windows and doors. Formulated to withstand heat and UV rays without peeling or chipping, this high-quality paint keeps your windows looking fresh and new for years. In addition, Solar Bond paint comes in several popular neutral colours, making it easy for you to find your match.

Looking for something more offbeat? Request a custom colour in any hue under the sun!

Weather Seals

Want airtight windows—ones that form a solid barrier between the inside and the outside—unless you decide to open them? You need weather seals! We offer extra-large seals built into the frame. These thick seals prevent air from coming in or leaking out, optimizing your windows’ energy efficiency.

Multi-chamber Polyresin Frames

If you’ve experienced condensation, mold and mildew in your windows, consider our multi-chamber polyresin window frames. The name describes how the frame is constructed: with several hollow chambers running along the insides. This design creates stronger frames and energy-efficient windows—the air trapped in the chambers helps improve the insulative effect, making condensation less likely to form.

Interested in a customized window replacement experience? This is just a sample of the replacement window features we have available for our clients. Reach out to Torwin for a free consultation and get your window replacement project rolling!